El reto de explicar el pasado con el presente

La segunda parte de Galaxia de Cristal que nos habla de un futuro remoto, se puso la tarea de un segundo libro cuyo nombre podría cambiar, sin embargo Otra Mirada es definitivamente lo que me propongo ahora, mirar desde un sitio diferente los acontecimientos que de pronto son del conocimiento de un gran número de pobladores de la Tierra, voy a dar un salto de fe, utilizando herramientas a mi alcance para crear lo que defino como El Puente, geográficamente estere con un grupo de personas que hacen conjeturas respecto a lo que han vivido y lo que para ellos representa lo que se avecina. Dentro del Blog Travesía sobre las Alas de un libro lo escribiré en mi idioma natal y aquí me voy a atrever a usar un idioma alternativo, para los que han estado por aquí ven que es la idea escribirlo en dos idiomas. Bueno pues vamos a usar dos plataformas ahora. Saludos, espero les agrade la propuesta.

El Puente (The Bridge)

By  Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Some of the most valuable moments in history are still present in the minds of many people, some of them imagine what would have been of their lives if the opportunity to leave there, if they find other resources, yes allow themselves leave your environment of comfort, if….

Of course, there are too many «What if I had» in life, most of them are not valid and many of them are impossible, a good group of people decides to build a bridge and the idea is replicated later, these bridges allow you to go to where there is everything that we do not have, what we long for and many of them see the possibility of moving away from over that bridge forever from what hurts and is not cured by staying in the same place.

This time we are going to a city in the middle of the noise, those cities that have grown enormously, where people no longer seek to build bridges, they simply survive and form clans, those groups of friends that since ancient times have served them to share the best of life, to integrate into thought-forms, find love and have someone to cry with when the time comes that it disappears is not traumatic or irreparable.

We go to the house of a couple of them who have received a phone call from a third party:

– Hey, Zila has summoned us to one of the cafes in the center of the city, it’s crazy, but he says that in a video call he can’t tell us what What do we need to know.

– Yes, I have also just received the same text, I think you forget that we live together or fear that we are not in the same place for the time of the appointment.

They both get ready …

– Hey, do you think it’s going to rain? I have no idea but to take the car keys, come on hurry up, don’t forget the damn mask then you end up using the reserve ones that are in the glove compartment, and there you have me coming home for another endowment… Mmmmh!

– Ready, come on, we have two hours left to get there, at least he chose a nice place, I have always liked going to have coffee there.

The couple gets out, gets in the car, and gets ready to listen to one of their favorite groups on the digital player with voice control of the electric car.

They cross the bridge that separates the urban area from the noisy and congested where the shops of that city are. The change of environment is so abrupt that the woman who sits on the passenger side raises the windows of the small car with only two seats with a stunned and thoughtful look, she comments to her partner:

– I still do not understand what happens with people, but there must be a reason to group like ants in such a small population area …

– Of course, the woman that is called fear of silence and desolation, hahaha !!!

– Wow, I prefer a good remote place, but you’re right, I know exactly what you mean.

– Well, here we are, let’s see what Zila has thought of, we are only allowed 4 per table and he has summoned 6 of us … 7 is a crowd.

From a table at the back of the cafeteria, a middle-aged man with very black curly hair, green eyes, a nervous gaze, and those metal-rimmed glasses that give him an air of seriousness, observes his two friends in the distance:

She is slim, with very straight black hair up to her shoulders, in jeans and a T-shirt like most of her life, and he with deep recesses in his forehead, medium-gray hair, the broadest of the group, always a little stooped and with that air of Infinite patience that has allowed him to spend almost 8 years with her who is very demanding and impulsive. 

Then Zila raises his hand with a huge smile and calls out to them:

– What a pleasure you are here, come, Alysa, please sit on this side, hello Samuel! If we are going to wait for the other two and then make a video call, there is no other choice, we cannot break this policy of distancing.

Alysa looks at him with concern and says:

– It seems that you have discovered something phenomenal, I see you very enthusiastic, give us a preview of what this is all about?

Zila looks at them nervously and decides that until the group is reunited she will start talking about what is going on in her mind, about what has changed her way of seeing reality.

The three friends are watching each other, with a nervous smile, they know well that Zila is one of those who likes to isolate themselves sometimes when she starts writing her novels and investigating issues that sometimes only he understands, but good for that. they are friends. Samuel decides to go for coffee for the three of them, as the others arrive at that moment the three digital telephones receive the same text:

– We are already close, tell Samuel to order two cappuccinos without corduroy and with a single shot of mint. for us, we’re almost there, kisses, Alma.

From afar Alysa smiles at Samuel, who, picking up the phone in the distance, smiles with her affirmatively.

Photo by Mohamed Almari on Pexels.com

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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