Today we celebrate the full Moon

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

They met in a special place and they will have as a witness the full moon that that occasion impacted humanity in a special way and they will understand what I mean

Some say that there are no coincidences, but causalities, we do not know, but what Zila has not revealed yet will have important repercussions.
This full moon will stay in a special way in the minds of all of them

Alma, was passionate about astronomy and in those days her life had taken an impressive turnaround world events received unprecedented news and things would never be the same, regardless of all that, she was ready on the bicycle pedaling towards the meeting place with her friends, Josep was closely following her, who was always aware of everything they did together and sometimes acted as a moderator since on more than one occasion the things that Zila said altered others.

Alma said to herself:

<It must be something for the website, surely with everything we are experiencing something interesting has occurred to Zila, but well, until I listen to him I will know what he is up to. He is always pending a series of issues that for me I do not always find a connection, but it does not matter, we will see>

While covering her sweat with a sweater, she looked carefully to see if Josep was already close, when she saw him turn around on the corner, she made sure he saw her for later and without waiting for him to enter the cafeteria.

Zila smiled when she noticed that Alma was already entering the bustling place and with his hands, she pointed out that the other person was following her seconds from the site.

Zila, with a bow, thanked everyone for their presence, hugs and handshakes were no longer a viable resource at that time and for some time.

Josep approached everyone and said:

– Ready, you can connect with Jade and Nym, of us are again the seven!

As soon as each of them connected and greeted each other, Zila took the floor, excited by what he was about to say to all of them:

– Well friends, I think it is important to analyze that we are in an unprecedented historical moment, and in reality, That is one of the parts that has made me reflect on what I am now going to comment on.

First of all, I would like to ask each of you who usually reviews online conferences from 4 or 5 years ago, from those people who you follow or with whom you share academic work, interests or simple hobbies …

Most of the friends are they looked skeptical and did not know for sure what all this was about, but according to the group’s code of ethics, they agreed to answer with courtesy on the issues that they considered would be useful to Zila.

Josep took the floor and pointed out:

– I think that what I usually go to in the past with the videos, are the movies, some are good and even when I have already seen them, I like the idea of ​​feeling again or seeing if they make me remember scenes or segments of the performance that I may have forgotten over time.

Alma intervened:

– Definitively and without a doubt some performances fall in love despite the passage of time. That said, she sighed with a certain theatricality.

Zila took note and noted:

– Exactly, we have already talked a lot about the actor being a medium as the recipient of a creator, doesn´t it? In this sense, we can recognize that you do not need to be on stage to become the recipient of a creator or to be the one who deposits your feelings in an actor.

Alma looked at him carefully and affirmatively said:

– Sure, it sounds logical.

Jade took the floor to try to go beyond the comment regarding the films and trying to be assertively commented with a desire for reflection:

– Today we celebrate a full moon again, if we see the concept between the axes that flow in the world as there is an interesting attraction of humans with the natural satellite of the Earth, its influence is decisive.

Zila sipping his coffee only shook his head, waiting for the comments of the others. His gaze followed the faces of each of his friends present at that meeting.

Alysa frowned and stared at the others and raised her hand:

– Until now what I see on one side is, one: the retrospective look, two: the sensory connections, and three: the interaction between these concepts, ¿ It is not like this?

At that moment there was a commotion among the customers who were in the cafeteria and some asked for silence and yelled at the barista to raise the volume on the local screen.

Nym looked at Zila and said, what a friend it seems that now I understand what this is all about, you have quoted us at the moment that she is presented worldwide on the screens of the world.

Zila was surprised and exclaimed:

– No, not at all, I did not take into account, that she would speak now, in fact, her last presentations are not scheduled, they are following her on her journey and see that this is much more than a simple coincidence!

All the friends were thoughtful and understood that for a long time they would have to suspend their deliberations, Samuel observed how the man who will receive the coffee orders and towards the collection of the money stopped attending, and as a courtesy, they invited to all free coffee, and invited to they took their seats and the place was paralyzed, no one took their eyes off the huge plasma screen that was in that place.

Photo «The full moon » by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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