Five months before

(Chapter : The Bridge)

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

A structure of modules is observed where each of them connects a classroom of the faculty of humanistic sciences, several people have gathered to attend a conference in the cafeteria of one of the people closest to the group that at that time is popular specially, it is an academic of modular classrooms that connect online with students from Chile and Portugal.

Some of the students are separated from the group because their class is about to begin, when entering their module, one of the young people points to the blackboard and imitates the teacher without realizing that he is about to enter to start his class and stops to see him in his performance.

Jorge makes the gesture of the teacher who, when placing his books and work tools, raises his hand towards the students and tells them with energy and enthusiasm:

– Let’s do magic! His classmates laugh at his exaggerated way of proceeding and almost in unison everyone is silent and very serious, they have noticed the presence of Zila, their teacher.

Clearing his throat, the teacher tells Jorge:

– Mmmmh! Let’s see, do you imitate or make fun of me? He observes him with an attitude of challenge and smiles to lower the tension of the whole group, waiting for the response of Jorge who nervously responds quickly:

– Master, I like that you tell us that, it makes us feel in a different world, that world that you help us remember, we do not know if we will be ascended masters at some point, but the experience is vibrant.

Zila observes him and thanks him clasping both hands in an attitude of respect and invites him to sit down to start the class that awaits everyone and that takes them to distant worlds as pointed out by his partner Jorge.

The teacher turns his back to them to write down on the board with his finger, thanks to the heat of the human body this surface allows notes to be drawn. The tactile model precludes the use of the old chalk as pandemic dust had been banned decades ago.

The word everyone sees appear is:


He turns and watches the young people, some with pensive faces, others searching for the word on their cell phones. Then he said to them:

– Today is a special day in the life of every inhabitant of the Earth, but not very different from the way men and women of the past experienced it, great changes of today and yesterday have always occurred. So we are going to connect the energy of the two of you to the energy of the runes, we will have a week for the analysis and later we will go with other resources from a different place on the planet, in the agenda that will reach your emails you will see the list of mystical tools that we will put to work with our mind and of which we will make a historical and social analysis.

I need two volunteers, each one will take a rune when they return it leave it in the salts of the container that you see on this site, do not put them with all the others. I will not tell you why it should be this way, it is part of the research task.

With his gaze he observed the pupils, ready to be part of this rehearsal, their faces shone, they wanted to be part, but it was not he who pointed them out; he simply said:

– Only two of you to begin with, if we have time we will choose more.

Of course, it was one of them Jorge who jumped up in front of the teacher to choose a rune. The teacher held his hand up to the next participant, saying, wait your turn.

He looked at Jorge and asked him:

– Tell me which hand do you think is the one that should lift a rune?

The somewhat confused student said:

I’m a skilled teacher by logic … I want to use my right hand

– Do not give priority to one side of your body, close your eyes and see within yourself which hand is willing to share energy to decipher this moment.

The young man scratched his head and said with certainty:

– I will do it with the one that does not scratch my head is the one that is not anxious.

– Perfect, go ahead. Tell us which of them you chose and which has chosen you:

Jorge showed his teacher the drawing of the rune that he had between his fingers and noted:

I don’t know what it is called, this symbol, all I see is that it is a balanced figure, if I draw it from one side or the other it is the same.

The teacher asked him to put it in the other container and draw it on the board for everyone else. He asked him to take a seat and addressed the group that looked at the drawing, minutes later it vanished.

– Its Nordic name is madhr in Neolithic times, the first signs of its presence appear, it later extends between Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Gothic, each one of them a name whose variable is phonetic, its meaning is the same: The primitive man, the one who looks the other of his species in the front.

Now, I need you to tell each one of us, what represents the rune for you

Jorge got up and with the great decision said:

– Professor since the human being settled in this world has led the others and must continue to be that way, we cannot allow newcomers from another galaxy to come and tell us what is best for us, we must be strong in that presence.

Zila crossed his arms and leaned on his desk looking at him reflectively and asked:

– Do you feel vulnerable and fearful that a group of living beings from another world are now a presence among us and you do not recognize them as human?

Certainly, the rune represents the human, differentiated from the rest, but the human on one side is just as you have said before, a balanced figure that if you draw it on one side and the other is the same.

The students looked at each other, the subject had unusual implications. They saw how Jorge got up to work with that idea and expand the definition of it with the help of the data that the teacher would give him.

Photo The Madhr by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Information by the Book: “Oracle of the Runes” by Pablo Runa

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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