The memories of history have different readings

Chapter : The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Zila observed that none of those present were with their minds in that place, each one of them kept the memory alive of that moment when the commander of the distant planet was severely prosecuted in an interview broadcast worldwide, where she was not present and it had to be covered by one of the crew members who, along with others, had already reached Earth.

The man who became known as Anay spoke of an alleged intergalactic agreement, it sounded like science fiction to everyone and of course, their visit to the high command of the United Nations had not been presented, it was truly scandalous.

The best argument they made was that if she had presented herself as an extraterrestrial, the first worldwide move would have been her arrest, until proving that her abilities would not endanger human beings.

That’s right, it was the fifth question in a panel to make her intentions known to the world since they had come from a shattered place, her attitude was one of warning and worldwide support, certain extent that point saved them.

They remembered, each of Zila’s students, without the need to speak and in that fraction of seconds that the flash of memory allows us:

The fifth question was from a small woman with very long hair who had to be asked to speak louder so that what she was saying could be understood, she addressed Anay admitting her surprise regarding the knowledge they had about earthlings:

– » Apparently, they have been in contact with the information that Tai McGrell has made since she came to these lands, how was it possible for you to assimilate the knowledge in this efficient way or at least without apparent information gaps, secondly I understand that the institution where my great-grandmother studied was hacked by Tai, to obtain a certificate that made her pass as a graduate student in astrophysics, I find it very ingenious and I appreciate the difference in choosing my relative, but I wonder if this would not return to happen.«

Zila had to clap loudly to awaken his students from that subtle lethargy and said the famous phrase that everyone remembered with enthusiasm:

– Let’s do magic young people!

This goes on let’s see which rune Ophelia will choose, if I clearly understand that the idea of ​​what we have lived lately overwhelms you is a unique experience, see it that way.

Ofelia closed her eyes and meditated with which hand she would take out of the container a rune to decipher with an ancestral instrument the present in which they lived:

– I put it aside in the other container with salts and drew it for all of you on the blackboard, this is what I had in my hands:

Zila thanked her and immediately pointed out:

The rune that chose you in energy and you to her is Ur, some brief details to start the analysis are these; represents the challenging and uncertain, in connection with everything new and unknown, usually, the magician, the ancient vitkar or völur asked themselves a question when discovering this rune:

What should you do now, will you dare to take a step to what you do not know?

Well, with those data I give you the auditorium.

Zila went and took Ofelia’s seat while she nervously meditated on the first point she would make for all of her companions who were looking at her curiously when she said:

– Doing magic from the point of view of science is one of the most fascinating challenges we can find ourselves with. Taking a step into the unknown is something we constantly do when we elaborate questions, so we turn to history books and in them, we find that the same sequence of events can be read in different ways, even though most stay with the most popular, with which it spread the most.

Commander Tai, who used the surname McGrell, acted like any pioneer in a strange land, she dared not waste time giving explanations of her origin, she mixed among the world’s settlers to find allies. It is the first thing I see in this analysis.

Zila looked at her carefully and said:

– Do you consider that the capacity and vision of this woman led her to consider alternatives and dimension strategies in a matter that for us is new but for her, it is something that she did regularly.

Let us remember textual words from Anay to the woman who points out the hacking of the institution of higher studies:

“Regarding your question, I want to tell you that we definitely did not arrive completely isolated or disconnected from who you are, at the moment that Commander Yilia located the coordinates, he realized that of all of you yourselves has called us years ago”, that Tai left part of the work on the Mega Vector Egg-1 that over time had compiled information from the Solar System, which resulted in reaching the correct zone and planning the landing.”

Yet we know that while she put on autopilot a good part of the way, arriving in the Solar System and recognizing the most exuberant and natural life on Earth was how she made the choice.

What makes you think of the expression: “That of all of you yourselves has called us years ago”?

Ofelia looked at the teacher and searched the faces of her classmates for a spark that would give her arguments to move on, she stopped her breath for a moment and exhaled with force before continuing with her dissertation.

Photo «The Ur rune» by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Bibliographic information by the book: Oracle of Runes by Pablo Runa

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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