Everything that separates us from the past

Chapter: The Bridge

Ofelia carefully observed Professor Zila’s gaze, clearly analyzing that he was not going to tell her what to do, it was her moment to place the argument that supported her thesis work, and she turned her back on everyone by concentrating on the blackboard she had at the forehead and write down, she plugged in the surface temperature leveler so that what he was going to write on it wouldn’t fade and said:

– I will talk about everything that separates us from what we are as history, from what we are not and we cannot understand about aliens, until now.

Tai or Taige as those of his race usually call her, she traveled the impressive distance that any current reader of kilometers can measure and that is:

                2.5543972275971E + 14 represented the 27 billion kilometers

         If we take into account that a light-year is equivalent to 9,460,730,472 580.8 km. The figure is not that high if we consider that the Universe is approximately 879,245 » ‘710,860»384,000’000,000 km in diameter.

<That said, she turned off the temperature of the blackboard, the energy waste was considered unethical and a lack of civil respect>

However, for any normal human physiologically and psychologically this is not possible, therefore companions here present, they from being human to have managed to transmute into something unpredictable, or simply their leap up scales has enabled them to establish temporary settlements in highly dangerous territory.

In this regard, they have not spoken, but the only place where humans can walk naked is this third rocky site in the Solar System, with viable conditions for life that are Earth. As Asgardians we have settlements that we share with other humans on the Moon and orbit habitat is a reality but special training is needed to be a worker in that area and permanence is limited.

Considering my argument and from a diplomatic point of view, I can understand them, I can accept them, but there is a delay that is not only technological between them and us.

Zila asked to speak and reminded the class:

– Certainly as Asgardians we are the first to have generated an atomized society, we understood the true meaning of what the ancestors did not understand before the discovery of the atomic bomb, they savagely used it to destroy themselves. We have modified the paradigm from the point of view of the social sciences, we have managed to break the nucleus and the closed clans of the planet. In this, we also definitely differentiate ourselves from the ancestral cultures whose value to the terroir, the use of the land as the mother of culture, dignified them and guided them to protect themselves from others.

The land that has remained in the same family meant the whole, we with some limitations have advanced to create extended relationships not only in one region but with the world in general.

Laura, who listened and wrote notes about everything that was said, asked to speak, to which Ofelia agreed:

– Possibly we are advancing in the same direction, they, the Eggyanios do not use surnames, were forced by circumstances to become a galactic clan, so to speak.

Ofelia resumed the talk and pointed out:

– I do not wish now to deviate from the point that has brought me here with a question that the teacher asked me, in the sense that they mentioned that we ourselves had called them years ago and it is related to what you say about the «Galactic Clan» if they are capable of receiving the brain wave frequency of humans. For example, each one of us expresses himself in normal conditions: Oscillating between 25 and 100 Hz, although its usual presentation is around 40 Hz.

What allows them to increase oscillation levels without structural brain damage if that is the case? Taking into account the extraordinary distances, I prefer to think about what they mentioned in one of the interviews:

It was precisely the sixth question, immediately after the question of the elderly woman who spoke of her great-grandmother.

<Ofelia opened her computer and with a device, she projected the video of that occasion on the wall of the student module>

Observe: The sixth question did not wait and it was obvious before starting it, the person who would elaborate the question was an Asgardian named Zelig, thanked them for their visit and asked them to express to the humans of Earth how they had baptized the arrival of several of the probes sent by Asgardia as sondonite codes and the value they had for them and now for altogether, creating the much-desired unity of humanity.

Several of those present looked at the Asgardian with great curiosity, it was not entirely known that apart from international agencies, Asgardia had also launched probes with information about humans, like the one so remembered by the pioneer and popularizer Carl Sagan.

Thank you very much Zelig without a doubt it is a question that right now allows us to be in communication with some fluidity, the contribution of the probes helped us to carry out a detailed study of the form of communication that was developed in a system that we had not been able to detect, We also do not know if it corresponded to one language per planet or if there was the possibility that the same planet had that immense variety of languages.

Now we understand it, if we gave them the name «Sondonite Codes» I want to tell you that in various places on the outskirts of Eggya, German, French, English, and Spanish are spoken in a way where the syncretism of manners and customs would cause them great curiosity, For example, one of the most delicious dishes in the area is Odé worms and mentioning them in German is something peculiar: O’dé Würmer.

Zila intervened to thank Ofelia’s impeccable presentation, everyone was surprised and thoughtful about what was happening, she was definitely fascinating.

Photo by Andre Moura on Pexels.com

The Universe is not infinite, so there is the possibility of measuring it. How many kilometers does it have?

Brain waves:

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

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