What love has created lives forever

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

After carefully observing the words of Zila, for those who have followed the sequence of the previous books, it is easy to guess that there is something special in his blood that links him with the ancestors who initiated the magic and influenced the forces of the cosmos. So it’s worth asking ourselves:

Who is Zila?

His name is possible of Hebrew origin, others think it is of German origin, some write it Zillah, others Zilas and of course there are those who decide that his name is Zyla and the latter are not right since his name is Zila and not Another way.

He was born in the year 2250 on Sunday, December 16, as an Asgardian his birth date is the year 234, he came to earthly life on Saturday 7 of the month Capricorn.

Among the Clan of the Spell of the Bird, there were three great loves, passionate and devoted to what they did, their love transcended the passage of time, however, only one couple was able to create such offspring and strengthen it with the spirit and spirit of their Clan.

But it is good to go by parts, the first romance whose eloquence crossed borders was that of Sie and Amin, they did not have children, but they dedicated themselves to spreading and learning the arts and mysteries of Thot, later they shared it with allies in Greece and spread their knowledge in the Hermetic cult, whose most valued phrase, at least by Sie, was:

“Nothing is immobile; everything moves; everything vibrates «

And the statement that saved her in that wet cave that flowed into the sea and she never forgot:

«As above, so below; as it is inside, it is outside «

Now let us remember the passionate love that the Master and Ellinor sustained, the youth of his wife allowed him to get pregnant on more than one occasion, every time a new pregnancy appeared, he surrounded her festively and was full of praise and thanks to Freyja for her goodness and the happiness that he gave him in each new son that he enjoyed joyfully and always in love with the fiery Ellinor.

This couple suffered the pain of losing some of their children, those who decided to fight with the King of Denmark and later embarked on the journey that took them to a new continent, what we now know as America, the descent continued and is very a branch of that family tree may be responsible for the Asgardian year 234, we meet Zila.

Zila is a professor of languages, philologist and philosopher, writer, and academic at a renowned university of humanistic sciences.

The untold story:

The love that many know but that few have data to prove is that of Ariadna, in her adolescence she was a rebellious, impulsive young woman and met with rebellious groups that did not agree with the island’s politics in Crete.

 Mantis did not agree with her friendship with a young man named Theseus, she warned her that the boy had been born in a crescent quarter and although he looked at her from the front it would always be noticed that one side was in darkness and the other was illuminated, she repeated in anguish:

– A man like that is not to be trusted, he is not completely sincere, he cannot.

The day they organized a demonstration to overthrow the tax collector, who was painted in history as a monstrous minotaur, Ariadna, with disappointment, realized that he, Theseus,  joined the group that reached a profitable agreement with the King and left the site after being used in this political ruse.

She ran towards the farmers’ crops as a sign that she did not agree with what had happened and she came to a vineyard where a half-naked man danced and sang, joyfully stepping on the fruits of her vineyards.

For some reason, that man loved amber and translucent grapes and by sprinkling these fruits on his body with the brightness of the Sun they gave him a radiant and luminous splendor; This man named Dionisio invited her to taste the delicate flavors of his grapes and placed a vine garland in her hair.

The oldest people of that time say that one serene summer night while walking embraced through their vineyards, Dionisio told to his love:

– As it is above, it is below, my beloved, do you see your diadem of rough leaves from my vineyard? It is the same that is observed there in the high sky and the man  raising his hands as if trying to reach the Corona Borealis, he exclaimed:

– The gift is my bridal present!

When Ariadna died, she was able to travel, converted into the sublime ether, the places where the other sorceresses lived, she was able to travel to the past and observe that scene between Fire and the Lynx and before leaving for eternity, fulfill the promise she made to Mantis to tell her in detail how was the powerful sorceress that united her in soul with the Bird Spell Clan.

This done, she embraced with passionate frenzy the brightest star of the Corona Borealis, Alphecca, to merge in the nuptial gift of Dionysus, the one that he had given her years before.

Of the love between them, there is no record that they had descendants, but neither of them was sorcerers, despite Mantis training her in her arts, what Ariadna remembered most was a beautiful phrase that she treasured forever:

<Dear girl, cultivate your mind, that way you will always see the fruits in front of you>

Photo by Laura Stanley on Pexels.com

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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