Mecícatl Place of Mexi, Place of the Mexitin

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At 37, Zila was recognized by other scholars as one of the people who fought energetically for the city of his birth to regain its proper name. For many academics from other parts of the world, the etymologies have very deep informational gaps, it had been easy for them to give them meaning and consider them true, such as:

Mezitli, The Navel of the Moon, some mistakenly point out that: The word Mexico is composed of the word Meztli, which means Moon, Xictli, whose meaning is navel and Co which refers to the place

The truth is that by the end of the twelfth century, there was already a group that self-determined mexitin. The contrast and difference between «mexitin» and «mexicah» are quite noticeable; in the chronicles (Tezozomoc, Chimalpain, Tovar) the use of mexitin is clearly marked to refer to the group before founding their city, while mexicah is used afterward.

The research work that the Spanish missionaries did when they reached American lands, stands out in the figure of several of them such as Bernardino de Sahagún was a Franciscan missionary, author of several works in Nahuatl and Spanish, considered today among the documents most valuable for the reconstruction of the history of ancient Mexico.

Unfortunately, it was they who were charged with the unjust indoctrination of the inhabitants of these populations, considering that the Christian theology that the Catholic queen worshiped was what was most convenient for all the beings of the discovered worlds.

«They brought a leader and a lord named Mécitl, who was later called citli, hare, after he was born; and because instead of a cradle they raised him on a large maguey stalk»

Sahagún, 1985:610

Let’s read a little of what Sahagún faithfully describes his research in these lands:

«Este nombre mexícatl se decía antiguamente mecitli, componiéndose de me, que es metl por el maguey, y de citli por la liebre, y así se había de decir mecícatl; y mudándose la c en x corrómpese y dícese mexícatl. Y la causa del nombre según los cuentan los viejos es que cuando vinieron los mexicanos a estas partes traían un caudillo y señor que se llamaba Mécitl, al cual luego después que nació le llamaron citli, liebre; y porque en lugar de cuna lo criaron en una penca grande de un maguey, de ahí adelante llamóse mecitli, como quien dice, hombre criado en aquella penca del maguey; y cuando era hombre fue sacerdote de ídolos, que hablaba personalmente con el demonio, por lo cual era tenido en mucho y muy respetado y obedecido de sus vasallos, los cuales tomando su nombre de su sacerdote se llamaron mexitin«

Sahagún, 1985:610.

In the same way that it was difficult for the entire world to alter its calendars and homologate the judicious – in the eyes of the Asgardians – lunar calendar of 13 months, the same happened with the term used to name Mexitin or Mexican.

In the identity document of the Asgardians you could request that the original term or the vulgar or popularly accepted term be used, this gave way to world business differentiating business transactions with a delicate diplomatic touch for the Asgardians and another for the inhabitants of regions world-specific, of course, just think, of course, you now understand which group achieved the best dividends.

To speak a little more about Zila’s character, I can tell you that his pleasant life among the books was something that he considered magical and struggled to preserve at all costs, extremely intelligent, philosophical, and imaginative, with psychic gifts, he enjoyed his own loneliness of him. He did not like to consider absolutely anything at face value, studying, testing, and analyzing everything was part of his challenges and routines.

As a born seeker of truth, all things spiritual and mystical would always be his tools. The central objective of him, the investigation of the unknown and find answers to the mysteries of life.

So now he would not stop until he found the mystery behind the life of the Eggyans, those beings who inhabited a time of their generational lives beyond the Oort cloud.

The next step was to ask each of his students for an orbital analysis of the Solar System:

– Our work is multidisciplinary, although we are not astrophysicists and anything like that, we recognize the value of understanding how we move in the universe. If that track gives us results, a light on the immense bridge of our ignorance in this discovery of intelligent life beyond what we know, we will have managed to advance.

I also have news for you that all of you are going to like very much, I think so, you remember the Asgardian named Daniel, a reporter approached the Chilean Braulio, a personal friend of Tai, he wanted a separate conversation, an exclusive interview, with the Eggyans.

Later we learned that he felt that there was a lot of tinsel in the matter that was being exposed to the press and for him the part of the scientific mechanisms and the real evaluations that they had of our planet when considering it about to live a latent risk were of great importance.

Later we saw that he began to follow them constantly and is already part of the group that organizes their press conferences, well I have contacted his assistant to be able to hold a virtual chat as soon as his schedule allows.

The group of young people in his class was really surprised and grateful, they all applauded the very favorable initiative of teacher Zila.

Nota de la autora:

Etimología de la palabra Mexico

Orígenes de la palabra Mexico

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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