Your greatest longing could be lost forever

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That day Zila nervously returned to his house, he had asked his students for total concentration, but he was aware that adolescents are distracted, have sex, go out on weekends to drink alcohol and sometimes those three points mentioned are taken to the greatest excesses, definitely far beyond what is convenient. But it is life and life is for that to live, despite all this he was happy that his class gave reason for enthusiasm and was fun for them.

With his voice, he asked the commander of his house to turn on the private channel of his computer and open the folder to the network under the title of strictly confidential.

Nervously, he observed with dismay that what he expected had no request, suddenly the phone rang it was his mother:

– Zila, I made mole and I thought you could come to eat at home tomorrow which is apparently a free day within all your occupations, I put dark chocolate on it as you like.

– Mom, of course, I go, you know how much I like that you worry about me and that you pamper me

– How is your wife that you know about her?

– I don’t know much, sometimes she sends cryptic messages a little dark to be able to define if what she wants to tell me is what I understand. From then on I continue with my work and I am tense, I have no results on the bank’s page.

– You have already told me, dear Zila, they do not observe what you need, be patient, we could summon the profilers to help you with that.

– No, absolutely not, it is very risky, I do not want to wake up what I cannot control, I prefer to wait patiently. You also know well that it is not the only resource, even though it would be very rewarding.

See you, tomorrow mother, take care to tell Dad to prepare chess, I’ll even stay for dinner with you, kisses ma.

The splendorous crescent moon shone through the window, Zila looked at her and said:

< You don’t believe it sometimes they are white lies, but this time I spoke to her with sincerity, in 13 days we have a special appointment friend Moon, do not forget, if you decide that it is time, I leave it in your hands.>

He manually closed the folder that he had in front of her on the computer, and said to herself:

<My greatest wish could be lost forever, but I won’t give up>

That man, full of vitality and joy, asked the computer again to open some consultation pages and continued with his work listening to rain music and singing with that sweet voice that he had:

<Let’s sow the seed, it’s time, let’s walk the roads and let the magic emerge>

 He discovers the following data:

The Solar System is a propeller that travels at 828,000 kilometers per hour, it takes about 225 million years to complete a complete revolution around the Milky Way, currently, we have a little more than 20 galactic years, possibly the Eggyans managed to get closer by the way shorter between them and our thanks to this type of movement.

We are going to see if Masym with his skill in calculation can appropriately guide us in all this, for now, I am going to schedule an appointment with my group, they should know that something very interesting is happening and we will witness all that.

Having said this to himself, he asked the computer to connect him to Nym:

– Dear Nym, friend, I know that it will be very difficult to agree to meet with the others but help me to plan everything, please.

He waits in the chat, clapping his hands anxiously and trying to keep patience for her to answer. He got up made coffee, went back to the monitor, and nothing. He thought about calling the others but if he did, each one would give his opinion regarding the day and time and place, it was not the most encouraging idea so he hopes.

Half an hour had passed when the text appeared:

– Hello, if you give me the coordinates, I check the viable dates and let you know, Alysa and Samuel are traveling and they left a notice in the mail and the answering machine:

“Do not contact us, we are very busy investigating if this sharing of life is useful in more than one sense or a real waste of time; when we are back at home we will agree if there is something to agree on «

Zila knew that this couple liked to collaborate, share tasks and that was a good point to think that their shared lives would lead to good times together, but nothing was written and each human being is a universe, even planning each journey along the way.

He saw the Moon again, he also had a strategic move to show Zila a way to achieve what he had set out to do, a matter of which only his parents knew.

There are a light and a dense shadow that can summon the mystery of a life different from all known or common ones, but nobody knows, for now just imagine what it is about.

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Nota de la autora:

El increíble viaje del sistema solar

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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