What would we do without Pluto?

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

On the way to university, Zila was happy that things were turning out according to his wishes, life allowed them to make a difference, that was what he had in mind when he said to himself:

<If we had the opportunity to have larger families I would be grateful, possibly I will achieve that goal as well, despite recognizing that this planet could no longer be safe for life, the breath of inhabiting other planets is now a certainty, my children or my son will have that possibility>

Like many men on the planet, sperm banks had become a resource for many unions in different parts of the world to have one more member in their families, adoptions were no longer necessary, international laws had achieved an international agreement that each military action and its consequences imposed the cessation of fighting until the orphaned creatures were placed in a decent home. In the long run, it was more practical and profitable for them to reach multilateral agreements, and peace was politically valued.

What they did face was the lack of humans with reproductive health for a long time, this was due in large part to the migration to the platforms in orbit and the settlements on the Moon and Mars, their sperm count was seen It was decided that many of them, before training to travel to space, managed to leave an endowment in the sperm banks to ensure the future of the species.

Upon arriving at the university module, the students were each in their places waiting for the recycled sheet with the drawing that Mazym had made to reach them.

Mazym was a tall young man who liked bodybuilding, with a happy look and strong manners, with a mischievous smile and a special charm for all his companions due to his good disposition in group tasks.

Zila arrived and sat down carefully observing the group, when everyone had their sheets with the drawing of the Solar System rotating in that huge elliptical through the universe, he asked them to observe it and close their eyes:

– Imagine that you have already read some data of the movement that develops with our Solar System, mentally observe if this movement is pleasant or violent in the middle of the gravitational drag of everything that surrounds us.

Now I want you to imagine Mazym, he takes Beatriz by the forearms, whose body mass and height with the group, in general, is the lightest; Logically, what happens to Beatriz’s legs and torso? Without opening your eyes, answer, let whoever is heard first speak and then take the floor.

Zila remained like the students with his eyes closed and he heard Beatriz say:

– Professor, my body wobbles at every turn

– Perfect, the one that follows, please.

A female voice was heard:

– Professor how does Mazym know that something could not hit her, he does it with his eyes open or closed?

«It’s a good point,» Zila replied, «it has no eyes, it’s the Sun.

There was a commotion and someone else joined the comments:

– Professor Zila, if Beatriz is hit, it would be fatal, but it seems that there is a harmony similar to that of a great orchestra in the movement of the entire universe.

Zila, recognizing that it was José who was speaking, exclaimed:

– Exactly José the law of the swarm, the neural network that we all have equally inside, now do you understand where I want to take you? They can open their eyes.

What you think does not interfere with what Mazym thinks, nor does it interfere with what Beatriz feels, up to a point. Let’s go to another scenario within the same scheme, let’s see, what happens if Beatriz loses a shoe in the turns by coalition or for some other reason?

Mazym was quick to reply and argued:

– The Sun would not know, of course, it would continue making the same movement until completing the return of one more galactic year, which would take those 228 million years …

– Excellent answer, now, what would happen in the mind of every human being, without the gravitational influence of Pluto? Let’s give it that name, even though we well know that some other planets or planetoids are more distant so far:

Beatriz stood up and answered:

– Profe Zila, somehow makes up for it and/or clings to what’s left.

Someone else pointed out:

– We would not know it at the moment like the Sun, it would take several generations, if this were possible.

Zila stood up and with total apprehension raised his arms to both sides and affirmed:

– Exactly, for them it was not possible, they had to cling to what was left, replace the missing strength. Will we have the same luck as the Eggyans?

The entire class gaped at him, eyebrows curled, and seriously pondering the next step in developing their arguments.

NASA Photo: This is how Pluto’s ice core was formed.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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