Attractive and strategic alliances

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That day on the Moon Citlali got up very early and went to the supply panel, followed by the chief of controls Jean Michel, who asked him:

Comment se déroule le décompte Citlali?(How’s the whole Citlali count going?)

– We advance well the Sol-Vespucians, action completed, the same Euro-Soles, action complete; I only hope that Sol-Yen accepts the conversion into Euro-Soles, according to the new provision established by the International governmental alliance.

Decree with the right to sue the countries whose carbon footprint in the industry exceeds what is programmed, without the right to negotiate and without times greater than a decade to reduce it.

Jean Michel, with his particular way of speaking, mixed his native language and Spanish, a mature man with a thick gray mustache, who had a family working on Mars, the Moon, and the Earth. He recalled with concern that occasion when the credits did not reach the relatives in Tierra of the workers of the Moon and the demand of the labor leaders, willing to stop the productive activity due to the delay in payments, which would not be reflected until the Luna was back with 100% activity in her Perigee position.

This delay would have been avoided by advancing the process and this could have cost Jean Michel his job. That is why now he took special precautions and counted on the collaboration of Citlali, the girl who was positive and agile in her work.

Asgardian calendar conversion

To understand these governmental alliances, let’s go back in time 87 years ago: The year 2200 Gregorian and 187 years Asgardian:

The Earth needed sustainability with a different approach, for this reason, the world organization that to date respected the sovereignty of the States and Nations of the Earth and only issued recommendations on the behavior that should be followed with civility, it was no longer enough, no I could follow the criterion that if you did not agree to an international treaty, you would only withdraw from the organization and continue doing what was convenient for your Nation in isolation.

In this way, Countries with a large Asgardian population or Nations with a small Asgardian population began to make strategic alliances, where the fundamental bridge was to unify laws that were useful to three or more Nations and turn it into an international Decree with the right to sue the countries whose carbon footprint in the industry exceeds what is programmed, without the right to negotiate and without times greater than a decade to reduce it.

They even went further, with the historical record of the countries that had thrown the greatest number of space debris made them pay for invasive collateral damage large sums of money for the Sol-Vespucci within the American Continent, and Euro-Sol in the Eurasia Area; waste generators, became powerful sources of the global economy.

America lost its division into North, Center and South, Europe and thus they were unified, and the African, Antarctic, and Australian continents did it in the same way, the latter used the Sol-Sudartico currency.

That said, we are still in the Lunar settlement in the current time (the year 2287) of this science fiction story that seeks to find a non-dystopian future in our journey through the universe, we go to the moment when Jean Michel and Citlali talk about the proximity of the Apogee:

Jean Michel receives a message from his family on Earth, and runs his hand over his head with thinning hair, concerning talks with the woman who is still attentive to the assets redirected to the relatives of the lunar workers:

– I have a sick relative, it is not serious, dislocation due to worst practice exercising but hey I always like to know how he is, tu me comprends? 

Oui, said Citlali and just looked at him with a worried face. The international decree recognized that the energy expenditure of gigabytes and kilowatts is higher in that location, so minimizing it keeps us productive.

Jean Michel nervously took the side of his robust mustache that fell to the sides of his mouth with one hand and emphasized:

– The use of fans that keep the solar panels free of the lunar dust is excessive, I would like to know what ideas the Eggyans, those who are dedicated to structural engineering, have in this regard. By the way, we will have the opportunity to see the interview of the group that is going to Vienna, it is tonight, I´ll wait for you in the dining room to see it all together.

Citlali with a big smile only raised her hands with an affirmative attitude.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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