In our plans, chance takes the initiative

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Zila and his mother were watching the TV,  the newscast opened on the screen with one of the phrases that Tai had expressed upon his arrival in China before a group he addressed in Mandarin. They did not go directly to the interview that would take place from the New York City airport, one of the routes where a stopover would be made to reach the distinguished academic structure.

«What unites us? our clear and certain desire to preserve life; there is a crystal formed of time and space from where it is easy to project ourselves and discover in this galaxy the same as we can perceive in ours; some worlds have evolved, others retain that desire to remain until the day they understand the impossibility and decide to collaborate as we have expressed it to them. » Tai Commander the boss of the Mega-Vector EGG-1

They started with the international news, the reporter announced:

In the province of Hebei, an irregular settlement has been discovered, there are young people between 12 and 22 years old and all of them say they remain united as a tribe, we well know that international governments have requested that each child be part of a family that gives them food, shelter, and education, it is the law, indeed there are couples of men, women and men and women who can take charge, they refuse. Let’s listen to the words of a local official representing the international alliance governments:

– We do not know the reasons, if these were of worship, the right to worship is free throughout the region of China, what we cannot recognize is the congregation for prolonged coexistence, if what they say to call tribe decides to request international monetary aid it would be seen as begging since all holistic or philosophical worship must be sustainable. The ages of its inhabitants are not within the range of productivity, they need to be placed in families that support their needs, child labor is prohibited.

Whoever was directing the news, received the announcement that everything was ready to bring the microphones to the airport, where crowds gathered to see the Eggyans:

– Despite the sanitary restrictions, people have packed the airport, each journey on the way of the Eggyan visitors is an event for the inhabitants of the Earth, the same happens in their passage through Europe, our cameras and microphones approach the Chilean Braulio, a personal friend of Tai and one of the people most concerned about her visit to the deans of the prestigious university:

– Braulio, have achieved communication with the university so far:

Braulio looked stunned before the crowd that received them with banners at the moment he replied:

– The invitation to the clarification session was received by Tai with all the formalities, we have time and day to present ourselves face to face with the deans and academics.

It was not possible to continue with the talk, the group was escorted and he had to catch up with them to get on the commercial plane that was waiting for them and where undoubtedly people would ask for selfies with the Eggyans.

The newscast closed the news with a recorded material of the first time they were presented to the press:

Braulio said: 

“I am a photographer by profession, I was born in Chile, in Santiago, everything began for us when I met Commander Tai McGrell, I feel very honored to be part of a team together with my friends Rolando Alberto and his wife Paula, we longed for Some years ago an achievement that now becomes a reality not only for a small group, we can travel and we can be in contact in many ways, Commander Yulia, Tai’s husband, has drawn up plans that we will send through the blog configured for everyone you and I hope that we manage to make a difference and put it before a reality that would exceed us if we did not do something to sustain what we are as humanity «

– In this way we have remembered the emotional words of Braulio who at the time of that interview still mentioned Tai with the surname McGrell; We know that when she retires from the academic institution, it will no longer be possible and Tai will once again bear the name that is part of the root of her planet, her authentic name Taige or Tai with affection for all of us who appreciate it on our Earth.

With anxiety the reporter announced:

– Here in Mexico City the alarms are sounding, we have an earthquake, children, ladies, and gentlemen, let’s hope there will be no aftershocks, let’s get to safety, follow civil instructions …

Zila, puzzled and nervous, looked at his mother as the television communication was cut off:

– Why precisely now mother?

Sofia looked at him tenderly and said:

– Never forget that in all plans chance sometimes takes the lead, it is a trepidatory 3.8, take your thought to Citlali’s ovule, to protect it from its destruction …

Minutes later, when calm returned, the phone rang, it was the director of the assisted genetics laboratory:

– Professor Zila, we could not carry out the procedure at the time you request, but before a replica of the earthquake could occur, I want to notify you that the procedure was carried out 3 minutes 43 seconds after the agreement, I hope it does not represent a problem, since you and Mrs. Citlali were very specific in all of this.

Zila looked at his mother with joy and seriously answered the cell phone:

– I appreciate your call and professional attitude in this important step for us, thank you.

Zila and Sofía hugged and she told him:

– The earth shook at the moment of its conception, this marks a path in the life of who will be my grandson or granddaughter. Never forget it.

Life is programmed, but there will always be chance and the tendency in some to move plans. We can understand the signs and look for alternatives.

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Author’s note: The first book mentions Harvard founded in 1636, but the book was written thinking about the year 2021 as very distant and the protagonist takes advantage of the fact that in that year there had been an attack that caused a fire where they lose files from the decades between 1960 and 1970. The first book began to be written in 2003. Therefore it is inappropriate, I prefer not to put names on this occasion.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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