Learn to look at what others do not see

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo

Let’s remember the end of the first book when the couple formed by Tai and Yilia needed some privacy and above all a preparation to make their way among the inhabitants of Earth and Tai traveled to meet the flotilla that brought her husband to space where he was. It was not possible to come to Earth as if nothing had happened, she had to prepare them for the encounter with the people with whom she had already interacted.

In this way, Eggya’s couple met on the Moon and allowed them to contemplate in detail what both had done at different times, where the search for both was not different, despite not having the certainty that they would meet again, they knew perfectly well that each event would have a response in which humanity would tend to mistrust, analyze from their particular perspective and based on what they culturally knew and was part of their particular understanding of the world.

Yilia recalled those encounters with planets that were losing strength and were held in conditions of extreme fragility and that almost always when their ships arrived, the villagers saw them as a light through the tunnel, a beacon of hope. He recognized from what Tai had told him, that it was not the situation of the Earth, whose environment was strengthened in various ecosystems and recovered in certain areas in the same way that it lost strength in others, but maintained its balance thanks to being a habitat benefited from its location in a system whose star was relatively young.

Tai described to him the human beings who had identified with her, who had allowed her to express her ideas, and who went further away from her, supporting her initiative and recognizing themselves in the mirror of the same goals. Despite seeing things from such a distant perspective, they understood, since there are knowledge and study of situations where humanity has struggled to empathize and has faced political interests and different structures of coexistence in the management of economies and this keeps them looking at the other through a border that is not easy to cross.

In all this, Tai was meditating when she got on the plane that would take her to the academics who were waiting for her to put the law before her impulse to integrate in such an unorthodox way to the activities of the Earth.

Professor Zila pointed: I need someone who has noticed a pattern to raise their hand, that look that takes us from total darkness to light.

On the other hand, Zila met with his students to analyze one of the televised interviews with the group of Eggyans, all of them congratulated him upon learning that his future baby was already on the way to development, at the moment in a test tube waiting for the best container. created by nature shortly.

Zila adjusted his glasses and looked at all of his students with great seriousness and said:

– I’m going to require all your concentration, I want every detail, every look, the inflection of the voice of those who were interviewed in this program to be analyzed in depth. Take the attitude of penetrating what you observe, read each facial expression, and translate the signals into clear concepts in that thin body language system of each of them.

It was about the interview conducted when they recently moved from the temporary location in the facilities of the Moon to Earth:

The classroom monitor projects the images:

There were the most interesting questions, such as what they had eaten during the crossing if they used hibernation to cope with the trip if the radiation harmed them like any human on earth if there was a method to be able to count on gravity in the ship; if anything they had adapted their body to be able to travel distances of such magnitude.

Also, questions based on their experiences with science fiction such as the case that there were food replicators on the ship, or if it was possible to harvest food in their ships and what kind of food was it that they grew or processed in voyages of thousands of kilometers. and what was the average speed of the ships to travel these routes?

Yilia knew that no matter how many explanations she gave them about the reality that they had in front of them, he was not going to allow them to observe the other perspective that was far from the reality that they knew and he limited himself to saying:

– It was necessary to lower the biological frequency of their bodies to very low levels, it prevented them from being lost or being annihilated by the forces they faced in space.

 The spatial nature had shown them that there are situations that must be taken from a distance, it is not possible to penetrate the reality that you do not know if you remain on the same wave frequency. Consequently, when your needs are limited to the minimum expression, you only need to remain alive, projecting towards the goal of what you are in essence.

Tai, Yilia, Ploc, Anay, Erin, Jasic, Ontyl, Mytey, and Frint, observed the expressions of the perplexity of the inhabitants of that planet where natural and material wealth boiled. All of them the nine understood in-depth that the diversity of that planet was rooted in many stories where some were opposed to those of the rest and from there they valued and defended their freedoms.

Zila stopped the video and pointed:

– Who is the first to give me their impressions, not what was said about the attitude of the group, their non-verbal interactions?

All the students looked at each other without knowing who would be the one to guide them, some knew that it was not possible to ask Professor Zila to repeat the video, their academic credits would be at stake, in that Zila was very strict.

The teacher pointed out: I need someone who has noticed a pattern to raise their hand, that look that takes us from total darkness to light.

For the trained mind, it is very difficult for details to escape, for one who only observes feelings or expressed knowledge, the light of truth will not be near.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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