The angle that allowed them to flow

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

A little blindly, they, Professor Zila’s students, were going to discover a path where the sound vibration was not perceptible, a highly sensory zone that they were unaware of. The first thing they did was realized that each Eggyan invited to the interview arranged his chairs at a half-moon angle:

Each of the students takes their places to represent that scene

In one corner of the ark is Yilia, Ofelia pointed out and asked who wanted to occupy that place, to which Masym raised his hand, and among all the students they moved the chairs of the educational module whose ovoid structure made things easier for them.

Zila noted:

– On one side we are going to put those of us who are the audience on the other, the Eggyans who attended in the company of the photographer Braulio and the reporter Daniel.

Beatriz said that Tai was in the opposite corner of the ark line and signed up to fill that position.

Jorge recognized that Braulio was next to Tai and formed an isosceles triangle to Yilia and took his seat.

In this way, each one of them was placed in a place until completing their representations according to the 9 Eggyans and the two Asgardians, 11 young students will analyze in-depth each movement of those who were interviewed a few days after their arrival on our planet. 

Zila asked the question now, without taking into account what they were asked and according to what Ofelia said, tell me, who before answering did something or implied an action that was not perceptible and with what part of the body?

Mazym got up from his chair and pointed:

– With the fear of being wrong, a matter that can be verified on the monitor, Yilia’s gaze is usually not looking at the audience, he looks at Tai and later she does not hold his gaze, but leans her gaze towards Braulio.

– Well, said Professor Zila, let’s write down the line in the notebook.

Ophelia, who was occupying Daniel’s place, highlighted the following:

– The only one in the group who observes the audience and fixes his eyes on the one who asks, gestures with his hands, and turns his head towards his companions is Daniel.

Zila nods and asks:

– So, Ofelia, do you consider it the focus of the audience’s attention and at the same time the distractor?

Ofelia got up and gesturing with her hands and her head affirmed:

– Definitively, it is in his capacity as a reporter who the public and the other reporters of the world press consider the mediator and while they see him the others elaborate a coordinated pattern so that nothing gets out of control.

Pablo intervened by pointing out that in reality, it had been very little time since they all arrived on the Moon when they named it the strategic scale and knowledge of our culture. The question is if they never stopped communicating with Tai, why didn’t she say so.

Dayli stood up from the location that she was representing Jasic and pointed:

– Possibly because it had been considered a programmed plan and by many a strategy of populating the earth under the subterfuge of wanting to show us realities that we do not know.

Zila got up and warned that if they had interviewed after months of being on Earth, possibly for most of them it would have been normal, however, when a reporter asked how they might have had such a wide knowledge of our environment they argued that it was all thanks to the operation they call «Sodonite»

Aby took the floor:

– The information contained in the probes is very general and in addition to the time they were sent there is an enormous distance, they highlighted Carl Sagan, and the way the subject was approached caused emotion in the audience, do you remember? 

In the minds of each one of them was alive the memory of that moment that provoked ovations:

It was the question of a young woman who hurried to raise her hand and ask Tai to tell everyone how she had arrived on our planet, how she guided herself to travel that distance?

Tai gladly agreed to explain that she had disobeyed the command’s orders, she abandoned them at the crossroads of putting them in danger in the incessant search, in her head the only important thing was to find better places to start over, with spatial measurements, she realized that the planets that revolved around the central star corresponded to a great extent to those found by a group of explorers, when rescuing a space probe; If the planets rotated and in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter there was an asteroid belt, the place from which the message came was the third place after the star called the Sun.

There was an ovation, everyone knew and had knowledge, she referred to the feat where Carl Sagan gave the world many decades ago, the hope of an encounter with civilizations far from us, they had branded him crazy, proud, passionate about science, and reckless before the possible invasion of space predators. Many had already lost hope, they recognized the great dimensions that would have to be traveled and it would be impossible for humans, even in the current time where these events occur.

Tai understood the enthusiasm and extended her hand, to calm the spirits of those present, the silence returned, and one more person dared to ask why she was so certain that humanity would heed her in accepting the challenge of saving the planet:

Tai took a deep breath and added that she had had the enormous opportunity to meet a passionate about history, her friend Rolando Alberto and thanks to his talks she understood what humanity had experienced from the most remote times, in short, I firmly believe that detaching oneself from criteria, customs, values, ​​and traditions is not something for which the human conscience is prepared. Yes, I admit that only cathartic instants allow us to renew how the presence of a species is viewed.

Zila realized that class was almost over and he told each of his students:

– I am going to ask you as an Asgardian who thinks in favor of humanity and considering the close bond that exists between us and the Eggyans, that everything we are discovering is not part of your coffee talks. if there is something to be discovered we must keep it for ourselves. We continue with the analysis tomorrow. Thank you for your attitude and your positivity in this investigation.

What you are about to discover can be something that opens the door to a path of light, brings you closer to vital values ​​and it is complex to be able to filter them without patience.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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