Theremin, the voice of the ether

Chapter The Bridge

of Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

That night Zila had a tremendously discouraging night, his  memories of recurring dreams made him meditate on the human being that he was with others, the group he had formed, was not entirely accepted or understood by some purist scholars and even by some Asgardians whose pragmatic mentality and attached to palpable reality, did not allow them to see beyond what life was in front of their eyes.

Like a flash of lightning in the middle of total darkness he imagined floating in the enormous gap between the Moon and the Earth, the Apogee invited him to plunge into the depths of an abyss that always showed him something different from the sensory life that he had trained and with which he introduced his students.

That recurring dream of a wizard in the mist dancing around his philosopher’s stone turned into a vibrant maiden whose belly was a giver of hope in the legions of sorcerers and wizards who would live forever in their ability to teach and transmit wisdom to the entire humanity.

His engine and his discouragement in a world that invalidated him to be profuse; however, he recognized that in many of his students, there was something of the spark of a breath of magic that he taught them and that comforted him.

He did not usually arrive with a coffee in his hand to the classroom; however that day, it was impossible, his mind had not rested enough, and it was a hit of caffeine that would help him start the day.

Upon arrival, the professor to the classroom, all the students rearranged their chairs to represent that unique experience;  as soon all it was ready. Zila said:

– Let’s see, they already found a pattern between Yilia and Tai and a triangulation between them and Braulio, concentrate.

The first to speak was Jorge, who got up and extended his arms towards the place where Mazym was in Yilia’s position:

– If it were an orchestra, Yilia has the baton, professor.

Zila adjusted her glasses and took a sip of her coffee to say with total interest:

Beatriz said: I consider that Yilia is Fa; continued with Sol, La. In link frequency and a low tone, he placed Braulio in Ti, and I occupy the scale with Do, in my representation of Tai.

– Mmmh! An orchestra whose wave frequency is not perceptible, you mean a high-frequency oscillation?

Jorge was left with a curious look and did not know what to say, and then he gave the floor to Ofelia:

– From Daniel’s position, it was easy to think that he was the one who directed the orchestra, the moderator, but certainly not in the Yilia’s look is the key; we could give notes to those who form the isosceles triangle.

Then Beatriz, who was in Tai’s position, stressed:

– In Do, re, mi; there is no potency; therefore, I consider that Yilia is Fa; continued with Sol, La. In link frequency and a low tone, he placed Braulio in Si, and I occupy the scale with Do. This closes a link.

Do you think we work with that?

Most agreed; each of them took the other notes to maintain a frequency of stability and continuity.

Professor Zila asked:

– How do they achieve that those temporal or spatial episodes between them build harmony? How do we understand that their language achieves that fluency that allows them to interact as if they were natives of our world, and each one of them performs correctly and in order the next step?

Tomás, who was in the position that Erin occupied, recalled:

– Theremin, does anyone remember that fascinating instrument that, without touching it, reproduced ethereal, lucid, diaphanous sounds? Perhaps they cross the threshold of each of them; a group leader leads them.

Zila answered:

We will leave it as a possibility; now, what alternatives do you see in all this to analyze part of Tomás’s contribution?

As they progressed in their investigations, things turned out to be a path where the light illuminated a dense darkness tunnel.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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