Iquique and the Moon of Medreos

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

What was happening to the south of the planet with the location of Zila? It is necessary to go a little back in time to understand where each of our Eggyan friends was, whose point of convergence is precisely where The Bridge ends and that some have followed the sequence in detail and already know where on the planet I am. I mean.

After their passage through the East and their visit to the Malaysian area, they all met again in the little jacket of the marriage formed by Rolando Alberto and his wife Paula.

The world needed to know more than they did, the way their approach to the reality of our planetary zone gave them certainty that our days could be counted as a species, it kept the world press wanting to investigate more about it, there was proof palpable, they came from a destroyed area, but nobody knew, it could be a ruse to populate our planet with eggyans and other races in a vulnerable or marginal situation.

Invitations began to build synergies between different stakeholder groups, researchers, physicists, aerospace engineers, astronomers, and even astrologers, groups of mystics, and students from various academic disciplines.

Therefore, a group would travel to Iquique in Chile; Braulio, Yilia and Tai and another one would do it to Frankfurt in Germany; Rolando Alberto, Erin, and Anay; the first group would be received by Asgardians from the area: Mateo, Gonzálo and Gregorio, in Chile and Stefan in the Frankfurt area, would host the second group.

Later, the group from Iquique would accompany Tai to the north to carry out the affairs of the university where he had to appear.

These were his talks before said trips from Mar del Plata in the house of the Barilli, Paula, and Rolando Alberto:

Jasic, sighing, pointed out, I wish we could use one of our ships for the trip as we did that place in Malaysia, we could shorten time and costs …

Well, Yilia warned, we must respect the rules, possibly our device is very comfortable but because of the inhabitants of the planet it gives the impression of arrogance, it is like reviling our services and vehicles, sometimes I think Jasic that if we had Arrived by Earth ship at that meeting, we would not have created that attitude contrary to what we wanted to express to that large group of people.

Well, Erin and Anay will shortly be complying with the rules of the land used passports and preparing the procedures so that we can all become inhabitants of the world that is offering us facilities to do so.

Very calm, said Rolando, the friendship of the Earth people must have some special requests to give us what we call facilities, diplomacy is a matter that must be taken in small doses.

Hours later, already at the airport, the two groups separated, those traveling to Iquique and those traveling to Frankfurt, Paula remained calm in the little Chalet, all that turmoil at the airports was always overwhelming, somehow she would have to wait for news of others, she felt that the vital forces that in the past days did not help her, somehow strengthened and she thanked life for having friends with skills that were benefiting her in a particular way in that journey of her life.

Anay said to the others: This will be very useful to us since Iquique, when preparing a World conference, deserves to know the contributions and intergalactic agreements that have allowed us to coordinate effectively for some time. 

Anay saved the content that preserved very valuable information from the virtual Library of Abudanaya in the remote town of the Medreos, where there was a moon where the linguistic wealth of nearby and unknown settlers was treasured and each galactic discovery was protected by a important group of people. Then he pointed out:

– This will be very useful to us since Iquique, when preparing a World conference, deserves to know the contributions and intergalactic agreements that have allowed us to coordinate effectively for some time. 

Among the Asgardians, there was a respected virtual library that came from the ingenuity of a respected inhabitant of Turkey, his work to preserve history allowed him to be recognized for his work, which became a legacy for later generations who managed to send information in some of the probes that were sent and collected by the inhabitants of the Eggya region and their encryption in silicon was found on the Moon of Medreos.

In this way, it is understood that in the year 2287, the knowledge and joint work of the Eggyans with Asgardia, started from solid foundations where the cultural flourishing already had a valuable exchange that the inhabitants of the Earth would understand.

Zila knew about this and therefore he kept trying to understand what was happening, how there was such a detailed integration of his knowledge and ours. But in reality, the magician professor was right, something was about to be discovered that would not be in the public domain and would change the lives of his group of apprentices and his, forever. But this is not the time to say it yet.

There is a path in the dark that leads us by pure intuition towards a reality that we barely imagine and that when discovered, its light can be blinding.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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