Not everything is calm, tragedy always lurks

Chapter The Bridge 

by Ariadne Gallardo Let’s

Let´s discover together to Citlali has faced the mystical gaze of Sofía, follow me in this story: 

In orbit the coordination of the Asgardian platform continued its work with a level of minimal energy, the return of the moon to Perigee took its time tragedies always lurk when the guard is down, the energy is not at full power and for that reason, the nervousness of the people working on our natural satellite was true of high voltage.

The so-called Cepheus Spur, precisely where the embrace of Theseus with Orion is palpable, discovered many years ago by dedicated astronomers, Actually an immense explosion was taking place, somehow rocks of different diameters could find the corridor between the arms and projecting itself as a hyper-fast road to our Solar System that at the time already had various modifications in its morphology, due to the proximity and collapses that had already occurred with Andromeda.

One of the points of impact was undoubtedly the Moon and the workers in orbit needed all the support of the various agencies that coordinated with them.

Jean Michael ran into the cubicle where the control base was located and went to Citlali:

– We are going to have to move the machinery from the front side, it is necessary to prepare the high-risk equipment to start the movement, Nous sommes en danger de collision, Comprenez-Vous cela?

Citlali knew that this was inevitable, that mobilization was one of the most complex dynamics and that they could not send warning signals directly, everything was controlled by the protocol and they had to be precise and conform to the established rules.

She immediately formalized and managed each movement and sent two of the coordinators to the robotics room, as soon as 100% of the energy will be recovered in the operations base, no one would be out of their positions and without knowing what to do precisely and fast.

Meanwhile, on the ground at Sofía’s house:

The phone rings and she answers with a smile she knows that it is her son, the monitor allows her to see the exhausted and happy face of her son who has just arrived from the laboratory, he is at home preparing a sandwich when he says:

– Ma, my father hasn’t arrived yet, right?

– No son, it’s a matter of half an hour. Do you want us to accompany us to dinner from the monitor?

– It’s not necessary, I was actually thinking about how to explain to Citlali my interest in her staying on Earth during pregnancy but I don’t really know, that’s why I called you, you always give me good advice, mother.

Sofía put her hand to mouth and said with great patience and a sigh:

– She is very practical, she is not someone who analyzes the mystical part of the world but her birth determines several factors that are very luminous; she will be loyal to what she loves, even against her own scientific beliefs. 

Among the Mayans, she was born in the period between 10 Taurus and 9 Gemini for us Asgardians and on Gregorian dates it represents the period between April 4 and May 1. Its symbol is the dog.

Also in the Chinese horoscope she is from the Earth element and her symbol is the dog and her qualities include honesty, loyalty and fidelity; They move according to their firm ethical principles, becoming the most conservative animal in the Chinese horoscope.

In such a way its destiny determines it, the land and loyalty, that is why you chose her in some way she reflects you, now we go further, you can look for more symbols in the vast gnosis of the millennial mystique and you can discover the point in the which you can support yourself to recognize that you do not have to convince her, only allow her to flow in her own elements so that her response is what it is, not what you expect.

Do you want more information about Citlali? Well, before the Celtic culture, the totem corresponds to the birth of the cunning fox, this totem belongs to people born from March 18 to April 14 according to the Gregorian calendar and in relation to ours, the Asgardian dates that points are: 21 Aries to 20 Taurus.

Sophia said: That is why you chose her, in some way she reflects you

Don’t worry son, let the universe flow inside her, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary, you’ll see.

The universe did indeed flow, but it was not the same from the mystique of Sofia, as in the reality of Citlali, where things could be fatal. However, we can trust the skill and preparation of the physicists and astronomers who had the precise calculations to be able to protect themselves in time from any collapse and let us remember that the second Egguyanos ship is on its way, who will soon share their experience in the face of planetary crises with it. team at the moon base.

Author’s note: About the Cepheus spur is about research carried out by Researchers from the Astrobiology Center (CAB, CSIC-INTA)

Photo «The Fox» by Pixabay

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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