Ingerin Barderian, The exceptional strength of a pioneer

Chapter  The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa.

Undertaking a journey needs a vital engine, I am not referring to a physical journey, but to those astral, magical journeys that are fundamental for every writer.

As a woman who writes, throughout my life I have had people who have given me a vital boost, I can consider them fantastic «Muse men”, helpers who have accompanied me in the spirit of undertaking an adventure.

There is always a new path to move forward and today I will tell you about an exceptional being, an Eggyan who put his special «Muse» at the service of science, a person he knew completely, whom he was able to reinvent and with all the courage held her alive to carry her unprecedented journey in galactic history as far as possible.

I refer to Ingerin Barderian, the audacious pioneer:

Tai, upon being secretly discovered by her terrestrial friends, explained details that until now were only known to each other:

The committee for the defense of mental health carried out some experiments to achieve better results, in the way how it was possible to integrate into new civilizations, Tai pointed out at a certain moment:

– There was a pioneer who managed to counteract the unpleasant symptoms on a journey -Tai stopped to settle in and breathe deeply while evoking the traveler-

And she said: I remember as if it were yesterday, in the memory of many intergalanaútas his image and teachings are kept alive with appreciation and affection by many of us, his name, Ingerin Barderian; This man decided to take with him a recording with three phrases of the person with whom he had created ties of empathy and affection, the only thing we know is that one of those phrases spoke of the time they had to meet, another segment of the recording referred to a joke told by this person, where they spoke of an intergilan, a kind of controlled breeding that is eaten in pimelin sauce completing and, finally, the voice wished him luck and reminded him of the importance of successfully the journey.

The traveler Barderian, requested that total discretion be kept regarding the identity of the person he loved and the phrases that had helped him to smile during his long journey, because finally he could not prevent his journey from being analyzed and inspected for the sake of science; His request was respected, but it was possible to detect and show that the emotional charge of those words contain a secret that encouraged to strengthen the vitality of the traveler.

It was the predecessor of the bioconnector, whose modifications were later channeled to a fundamental objective, to generate empathy with the host world from the knowledge of its culture and civilization.

The total solution is a utopian claim, if they lost all sensory communication with the world that had created, strengthened and invited them to be valuable professionals for their species, discipline and special disposition were needed, it must be recognized that many scientists of great value, they did not succeed.

Another renowned eggyan, a drieden called  Galdeg Fardeg, carried out several research works on psychic and psychic sensitization, it can be said that he is the creator of the first prototype of the now known bio-connector. This tiny, tool-chip-like instrument took years of trial and error with candidates put to the test.

In this regard, Tai came to comment to the Barilli family and his friend Braulio a few months after her  arrival on our planet:

«So far it is the most valuable instrument that science has provided us to integrate ourselves into new environments» 

 At that time, this method was convenient in a good number of cases, however, there were, as in everything, abusers who tried to use the bio-connector for other purposes, among them, to convince beings from other worlds to be able to subjugate them by knowing their customs of life, persuasion was very successful in obtaining and capturing territories, conquering vital energy sources for survival, even obtaining resources and weapons.

Why did we mention this fearless pioneer and adventurer?

Simply because what on Earth became known as the Cepheus Spur, for the Eggyans it was recognized as the Barderian Corridor, in honor of this outstanding scientist.

Given the recent events that resulted in an area where a star collapsed, many of its remains took the Barderian corridor as the place of impulse to approach our Planetary System that would receive the shock wave, as a possibility.

Yilia received the call from Algyen, who in terrestrial terms was the second flotilla of Eggyans to approach Earth, since at the time that Tai arrived her presence was not perceptible and it was not announced as was the case of the flotilla commanded by his couple named Yilia.

Undercommand Algyen’s, this flotilla had news on its sensors of the presence of changes within the Barderian corridor and it was necessary to notify it:

– Yilia, we are in trouble because the access road has received a shock wave and this probably us be delayed on the route that was scheduled.

Yilia knew perfectly well that these types of situations were common in long-distance trips and he mentioned:

– The Moon has been alerted, whose base awaits you, please try to contain the situation as much as possible and another point where I require your total discretion, please take note; In charge of the controls at the lunar base there is a woman who hopes to return to Earth, since her baby is growing in a test tube.

We know of democracy protocols where everyone is fairly evaluated for a ransom, however she is possibly the mother of a Drieden Earthbeing.

Algyen totally surprised responded to Captain Yilia:

– The news Yilia is fascinating if this is possible, we are in the presence of a very encouraging outlook.

– Yes, we still do not have proof and validation of the fact but the possibilities are impressive. Please remember this, it is not the mother who is the bearer of the skills, but the father of the little test-tube gestation so far.

Thanks for your attention Captain Algyen, we are still in communication.

– Count on it, thanks for everything.

Yilia watched Tai and they both looked at each other with concern, however they did not lose hope that everything would be possible and salvageable thanks to the skills of the flotilla that would soon be at the Lunar base.

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Author’s note: Data provided from the Novel in Spanish Galaxia de Cristal by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa, chapter 4 Friends and Reunions, subtitle Ingerin Barderian, the pioneer

Pimelin eggyan fruit very similar to the apple of the earth

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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