Sofía Galafik and the reinvention of culture

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

That morning Sofía got up, prepared breakfast, and called Alig to enjoy his food, she always said that the first thing we eat encourages us to continue and each bite should be frugal and smiling, which is why she always served her husband fruit “crescents” cut by middle.

Alig was the air traffic controller of a fleet of taxis, a practical man, without whom Sofia would not have survived in a world where material activity and monetary affairs, and transactions imposed a real headache for her.

That occasion was not going to be the exception, Sofía had received an attentive email from an admirer of her literary work, the letter was commented between laughter during breakfast:

– Notice the attractive and flattering virtual letter that I received today, a gentleman with dexterity and ability stated the following, listen to it, my love, I want to read you this:

“Dear writer Sofía Galafik, I am truly enthusiastic reading your work

“Humanizing the deities without dying on the path”, truly a work of exceptional beauty, for which I allow myself to write to offer you a proposal that no one else will make, understand that I highly value your work and my offering is exclusive and unique; for the sum of 15 thousand Sol-Vespucius I put in your hands a fabulous tool so that your delicate work can be put into a cinematographic script that can be put on to the most outstanding directors of the international industry ” 

Alig looked at her seriously and attended :

– I imagine that this man does not see images in your work or needs to be given a booklet of drawing dolls as a storyteller, but ¿Why does he offer you a tool so that you can give him what he is not capable of seeing and he put a budget there?

Sofía tenderly took the hand of her lover and answered with a laugh:

– Of course, man is a merchant of culture, but he has caused me so much grace that he thought that I would fall for his gadgets; All work is there and can be used for any activity of worldwide diffusion, as an author I only ask that you respect my authorship and be mentioned. If others want to put in money and earn with what I write is their business, those who are in scriptwriting and cinematography schools are very skilled and are in that industry, along with those who invest money in something of such magnitudes.

At the end of the day, even I would be part of a profit in all that, but why would I have to go to such a high-cost paid course to be told what others are already doing as part of their work and specialty.

Alig smiled taking a sip of his mint tea and replied: 

–absolutely right, you are my dear, when I read what you write I transport myself and I don’t need a filmmaker to see everything I can imagine in every detail of your work if someone is fabulous creating images from words, that is you, my dear, Sofia of my love.

They both smiled and Sofía pointed out:

– By the way, changing the subject, I see something worried Zila with all that about the meteor shower that could approach and very concentrated investigating something that he cannot understand about the Eggyans; but there is certainly something sensory between them and that aspect is very interesting.

Alig adjusted his shirt, looking at the wall clock and recognizing that the time to leave for his job was approaching and he looked at her seriously: 

– Sofia, there must be something among them that they do not know as magic, but that must be very similar, otherwise, they would not have achieved what we have observed with admiration and surprise up to now.

Sofía nodded with a smile and wrapped her arms around her husband who was saying goodbye to start another day in their work routine.

Sofia talk by herself: «Caput Medusa is already in Perseo´s hand to remember us, that ancient and dramatic event»

Already in the solitude of her home, Sofia observed the astral charts and realized the warning of conjunction that could be the cause of great tragedies, the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun with Algol, and remembered with apprehension:

«The Arab commanders in chief At the time of the conquest, they insisted that no major battles were started when the light of Algol was weak.»

She put her hands to her mouth and understood what was about to happen, Algol was shining brightly in those moments in the sky, for her, it was not necessary to see the fixed star, she knew it was like that according to the reading of the astral map.

The hellebores are the harbingers of spring are the black diamond in them is their strength at that time of the year, it was not going to be different for anyone and Sofia pointed seriously:

– Now we are under the violent influence of Algol, Al Ghoul for the Arab ancestors «demon, evil spirit» 

Raising her hands with energy Sofia  pointed out:

We must be vigilant sisters, the clan lives forever!

Photo Perseus Constellation

Author´s note: The hellebores, they often bloom during the Christian season of Lent, from which they get their common name, Rose of Lent. They are poisonous, must be treated with care and not consumed for any reason.

About gems-astrologist Dr. Lomer wrote in Kosmobiologie, August 1950

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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