Genetic memory and the art of dispersion

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Genetic memory has been studied in traumatic matters, and in those that focus on phobias, and that lead us to repeat patterns of behavior that we inherit, where genes house, we learn by association of memories, smells and attachments; In this regard, Dean Ana Pérez Riv, a professor at the same university where Zila taught, studied and investigated the fascinating study of genetic memory, she assured that it is not limited to genes, it goes further, in what the ancients called ether and the mystics and some religious sects called soul.

She had a close friendship with Zila’s parents and of course she was a believer in the collaboration between different dimensions, this is the reason why she got in touch with Sofia, the same day that she declared aloud the survival of the clan. 

But what clan was she talking about? We have traveled a path where the force of a group of men and women who diversified and bridged the continents thanks to their psychic, sensory, and intuitive faculties has been dispersed in the dimension beyond time and space.

Sofía at that time danced, and sang, with the computer monitor on, she liked to do it with each paragraph of her stories and stories when she liked something she had written in a special way. The video call notice came in and she answered with amazement, she had not interviewed Ana for a long time:

– Dear Ana, it is a pleasant surprise, please tell me what issue brings you closer to me.

– Sofia, dear, I’m not going around the bush, do you remember when I told you about the unsuccessful attempts we had when the meteorite wreaked havoc in that area of ​​China?

– Of course, it was a truly catastrophic event, part of the Chinese Wall and the area where the terracotta warriors were found was razed by the force of a meteorite.

– Well, you have already seen, I am not going to elaborate on the reasoning that I consider to date as determining factors so that collaborative dispersion has not been possible in that area of ​​the planet. Perhaps I am wrong and as your son points out, what we can achieve is limited to the territory where our genetic roots and their memories are. But we have the opportunity not to stay in the attempt, to test the possibility and stop the meteor shower that is coming.

Sofia looked at her with determination and said:

The traditional name Sheratan comes from the Arabic الشراطان (aš-šarāţān) which means the two signs, a reference to the star that marked the northern spring equinox along with Mesarthim, Gamma Arietis several thousand years ago.

– Have you observed the astral map? Caput Medusae looks closely at Sheratan, precisely the head of the Ram.

Ana looked at her with a proactive and determined attitude, she pointed out:

– Look dear while Algol shines brightly, the battle is ours. From what I have heard, your son is concentrating on analyzing the group of aliens and we know that if they behave as allies, it is for something; we can test, we gather the group and try what seems impossible, I definitely refuse to believe that we are circumscribed to what happens on Earth and Water.

This time I could test my theory, it has always remained as an act of chance and I am certain that causality has been allied in these circumstances, also your daughter-in-law is at the lunar base, I do not know how far it can act as a sensor, but it is a focus of attraction, just like all of us.

Sophia looked at her seriously and asked,

— Have you thought about talking to the Eggyans? They are very guarded, Zila already tried, he only received a message from Commander Tai.

Ana adjusted the reading glasses that she used in front of the computer and pointed with the index:

– We could surprise us, if we can do it and then, only then, will we have understood something more profound in terms of the dispersion of genetic memory.

Both women smiled and looked at each other with the condescension of someone who is about to make a deal with the unknown.

Photograph «Sheratan»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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