The answers floated in the air

Chapter the Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At the same time that Ana Pérez Riv invoked the ascended masters through their millennial root, gazing up above, Citlali observed the dark, oxygen-starved firmament of the Lunar surface, it was the moment when a meteor burst crossed space, the warning of something they would face, whose mass and weight, they still did not know.

Facing the smoking mirror, the dean’s staff struck the floor of the enclosure three times, at the time she articulated a phrase with total forcefulness:

– Ometéotl, joins the shadows and the deep cavities of the abyss receive duality; Together they energetically proclaim what they could never achieve separately.

The mirror shines brightly and illuminates the faces of all those in front of it, the radiance reaches to illuminate the members who on the other side of the mirror join their arms to claim unity:

Nyle is the first to exclaim to the forces of the ascended:

– Faites place à ceux qui ont été et seront toujours

(Make way for those who were and will always be)

Anon continues with the following sentence:

لأولئك الذين تركوا الفردية –

(To those who left individuality)

Cilam follows :

– Oggi abbiamo bisogno della tua forza (Today we need your strength)

Norbe with enthusiasm and energy invokes:

– Vastus ripub õhus (the answer floats in the air)

Aran reaffirms:

– Olanlar ve olacaklar (They are those who have been and They will be)

Gylem pauses and exclaims in a deep voice:

– Призовани се вслушват в призива (Summoned, heed the call)

Septy advances with the following invocation:

– Vandaag zoals gisteren en altijd (Today as yesterday and always)

Argil sighs and evokes his claim:

-Semper serà així, avui tornem a reun-nos ( It has always been thus, today we meet again) 

Malaki closes the vital circle with the following sentence:

– Each one of you is part of a link.

From the smoking mirror an intense light invades the room and the roar of a jaguar is heard as a deafening roar, at the moment that Ana Pérez Riv announces:

– The invocation has been decreed, stay together, the answer is in the air.

The light of the mirror is illuminated and we observe the deeply black eyes of the mystical leader that squint at the impact they receive; It is no longer the roar of the jaguar that is heard, it is an alien voice, difficult to understand:

 Arindga eggyenu, arindga eggyenu, abastalo epicenu driedense canu!

Zila, Ofelia, and Mazym are the first to understand exactly where the words come from, but they cannot know who those voices belong to

– Arindga eggyenu, arindga eggyenu, abastalo epicenu driedense canu!

Zila, Ofelia, and Mazym are the first to understand exactly where the words come from, but they cannot know who those voices belong to, the same phrase is repeated as in a song, or a kind of distant call waiting to be heard.

In another part of the world:

Ontyl, who is the most prepared to perceive the signal, gets in touch with Tai and asks:

–  Have you realized the same thing as me from this place, have you noticed it there, you or Yilia, the others?

Tai, with her hand on the back of her neck, observes everything around her and in a deep voice she says:

– I would never have imagined it, definitely whoever promoted the creation of the bridge would not leave us alone, the most surprising thing is the way it is happening, I am stunned.

Let’s be discreet and delegate confirmation to the closest group, that man is not alone and his power is our support.

None of the Eggyans knew that he was not just a mystical teacher Zila was part of a link in a chain of events that would not stop and that would energetically pour unprecedented power into the future of humanity.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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