Opportunity or tragedy?

Chapter El Puente

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Braulio received the news from Ontyl of a delicate matter that would take time to divulge but which at that precise moment placed a group of earthlings at the forefront of his investigations; Everything that is related to that exploratory dynamic that differentiated them could be annulled, at least that’s what Ontyl considered when he told him:

– Friend, there is the possibility of having a sensory resource that is not the privilege of the Eggyans and it would be an impressive advance, But we must be cautious, I only ask you to let Daniel know that the call to Professor Zila is a fact, we must schedule it for when the other Eggyans arrive on Earth.

– Perfect Ontyl I will make the arrangements with Daniel, we are in contact.

By finished off the call, Braulio mentally traveled to the moment when Tai be sincere with the group and exposed one of the most serious Eggyan problems, the results of which were analyzed in detail and finally managed to turn a tragedy into an opportunity, however, the cost was impressive. As if it were yesterday, Braulio remembered Tai’s explanation:

< At some point in life in the past, in the vicinity of my root world an event occurred that to explain it, I must find terms that are understandable to them, I have looked for them and what I can say vaguely is this:

There is a similarity special between Guillain Barré syndrome and that kind of paralysis that many of my brothers fell into in Eggya. Some scientists thought it was a genetic response to overpopulation, others believed that the crossing of races with other host planets caused it. That field for me is not very clear, my specialty is not medicine.

Braulio remembers when he asked her:

— «You mean that the Eggyans had relationships with people from other places, from other worlds?»

-Yes, Braulio, they considered it exotic, exuberant, and attractive. To a large extent, there was also a desire to integrate into other worlds to create belonging, some of that is understandable. 

But over time, strange cell mutations occurred and people fell prey to paralysis, within the clinical pictures of some investigations that have been carried out, the disease resembles the one that I already mentioned.

Excuse the ignorance Tai – Paula interrupted while serving cups of hot chocolate for everyone and bread that had been baked in the morning – that disease is not well known, like flu or polio, tell us what it is. I confess that I had never heard it.

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a disorder that attacks the body’s defenses – said Tai – I have been studying some similarities of the disease here they call it «Auto-Immune disease», I cannot assure that it is a term known to the Eggyans. Nothing like what happened in Eggya. maybe I’m risking too much with the comparison.

The process of these terrestrial diseases is degenerative and progressive until death, which in many cases involves cardiac arrest or serious brain problems. It turns out that the insulating layer covers the nerves, the myelin deteriorates, and the nerve cannot send its signals, which in turn paralyzes the muscles.

Braulio intervened: – 

Capable and it is nothing that can be compared. You have told them that it is not your specialty.

-I’m going to do precisely that, there are substantial differences, it does not occur as a degenerative process, but it can affect anyone. The data in earthlings is that the disease manifests itself a few days or weeks after the person has presented symptoms of a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection, the difference from Eggyan cases, it does not give a preamble to attack without anyone detecting from where or how the disease was contagious.

-Can you tell how the disease evolves?

-Of course, once present in a few days, a tingling sensation is experienced in the fingers or toes, or both, and the sensation extends beyond the wrists and ankles; shortly after, the legs and arms begin to weaken. This is followed by a total loss of movement. 

In the case of the disease that attacked my people, the respiratory muscles were not paralyzed, it was not necessary to resort to an artificial respirator. They could only continue to carry out activities, without tours of communal towns, basically sitting at a desk with voice keyboards. >

Reflections in the middle of the work:

When I started writing the first book in 2003, entitled Galaxia de Cristal, precisely where this dialogue can be found in Mar del Plata, Argentina; In the chalet of Paula and Rolando Alberto of whom we have already spoken, I never imagined that by 2020 the world would face a situation that would change the human being and his life on the planet possibly forever.

I am not the only one who has intuited these processes, throughout history we have gone through very tragic pandemics, this was undoubtedly a dramatic resource for a literary work.

The matter could not be different in a populated galaxy beyond the Oort cloud. They were also taken by surprise and changed their perception and strategies to survive.

Well, there begins the story of Raudak Vilob and his incessant search for background, let’s briefly return to the scene where it all began:

There is a crash of glass and a heated discussion, we still do not know who could be so angry to act like that. Thus, in another cubicle of the institute of biological sciences, someone whom we have only mentioned once in this chapter, walks towards the laboratory, when opening the door his footsteps creak between the tiny pieces of glass, everything is a mess. 

He watches a woman from behind, sobbing, she does not realize that he is there. When he tries to touch her to comfort her and ask for an explanation, the woman screams to getaway. 

Who is she and who caused the destruction of test tubes and sensitive material inside the laboratory?

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

Reference by the book Galaxia de Cristal, Chapter The truth, subtitle: Knowing and learn ISBN 9781980286844

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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