From fiery fury to creative passion

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Before returning to the place where the anger was unleashed,  it is important to point out that Tai and Ruadek never saw each other; when the former was desperately searching a habitable site, the second one was facing the pandemic that devastated Eggya, for both, the time was against the clock.

The case of the Guillain-Barré syndrome, was not the earthly disease with which the tragedy that Eggya lived could be compared; If we had to refer to a disease to create a simile, it would be Charcot’s disease, since the neural roots that control voluntary muscle movements degenerate, it usually does not damage the cognitive function, the sensory system remains functional.

Raudek Vilop would find an opportunity in this regard, however, it was necessary to experience the tragedy of uncertainty to get there.

We go back to the scene where she energetically rejects the person who enters the laboratory, where the floor is covered with pieces of glass:

Raudek listens to the footsteps, and rejects the man who begins to reproach her for what happened:

– It is inadmissible that forgive him everything, those outbursts of anger are unbearable, your work for months is now destroyed!

– Contaminated also with your feet, if there was something salvageable!

– Rau, I don’t understand how you allow him all this …

– Galdeg, maybe he’s right, and I’m looking in the wrong place but I’m not sure; I need more evidence.

– Tell me, now Mr. «know-it-all» disqualified your investigation or simply could not recognize what is evident so far.

– Gal, I am not going to continue this conversation, leave me alone.

Galdeg watched her with a grimace of pain on his face, he felt a special admiration for her, he did not understand what kind of passion kept her linked to Ingerin, from his perspective he was a wild, angry, and vulgar brute; he hated him.

That is why life is made of constant contradictions, and in the midst of them Radek will live a constant battle; finding the causes, and the cure was a challenge.

Anointing her tears she looked around, looked at the back door through which Ingerin came out as an angry animal. She sobbed again, remembering every word and every action of the man she loved.

Ingerin said so angry: Never  I will stay close to you, I will not do it again!  At the moment he attacked what was in front of him, with both arms he threw towards the walls and crushed the work of months of her…

He put his hand to the back of her neck, which was still throbbing from the pressure that Barderian exerted on it, as he snapped, showing his teeth, very close to her face with the wings of his nose dilated, as were his pupils, alight with rage:

– ¿ Don’t you trust? Just because you found bacteria on the gums of the corpses on the island of Medreos and the Eggyans, doesn’t mean that I am a carrier of a foreign strain.

– It is not conclusive, I need more tests for them I must keep you safe, I cannot risk … I must check habitats Murdog’s, possibly the syndrome is not found in body fluids, people share those spheres, they are easy to carry just use lagertino´s light to have a temporary ceiling. Anyway, you have to wait for me to catalog and analyze each scenario.

Ingerin only rejected her, withdrawing his hand from the nape of her neck and looked at her fiercely, she would have liked to throw herself by his arms, and kiss that face that she loved so much, but she remained frozen when he in a fit of anger exclaimed:

– Never  I will stay close to you, I will not do it again!  At the moment he attacked what was in front of him, with both arms he threw towards the walls and crushed the work of months of the woman who asked him for distance. He stormed out the back door of the cubicle like a beast, slamming the door.

Love under certain circumstances turns raging fury, but also a creative passion; at this point, we know that the force that united them was not unleashed not even by death.

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Author´s note: In the novel Galaxia de Cristal, ISBN 9781980286844 C hapter2: The trip, subtitle; The couple own light, refers to a tent that eggyano element called lagertino´s light could become that.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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