The courage in the hands of science

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa.

Today we begin this post with the first paragraph of the chapter that is about to approach 140 pages; It says this way:

Some of the most valuable moments in history are still present in the minds of many people, some of them imagine what would have been of their lives if the opportunity to leave there, if they find other resources, yes allow themselves leave your environment of comfort, yes …

In the case of the Eggyans, this alternative was not so easy, it was necessary, but where? Today we know that the third spacecraft is about to approach the International Lunar Station and hope is shining in the eyes of Algyen and his crew. At that moment he issues direct orders to Vidra:

– I need to know if the draft of genetic sequences that Raudek prepared in the sondonite language was archived, it must be in the silicon archives; please also make sure that the note she wrote to deliver to Barderian is there; It is a handwritten note that she made despite the paralysis.

– Yes, it is indeed the note that she left Barderian to read in front of the media upon his return to Eggya, everything is in order, as well as the files and the route map that was prepared with the help of the team that worked with her.

What courage she had to sustain the dream of a daredevil!

Algyen observes Vidra closely and with a smile on his lips he says:

– Each feat has been part of a courage mentality, the dreams of a human being placed in the hands of science today have brought us to this unimaginable place; We are going to take a reconnaissance tour of the natural satellite of the earthlings to choose the most suitable site for the moon landing.

Note, they have run out of an antenna, it must be impossible for them to see or hear us, I don’t know, their equipment is not compatible with ours anyway. Algyen looked at the rest of his team at the controls and panels of the ship and asked: Does anyone remember what they call what we solve with the sonic lever?

A voice among the group was heard:

– Structural Engineering Captain, I see that we have work to do when we arrive with the lever.

Vidra places in the hands of Captain Algyen the Murdorian silicon file, of which he displays a hologram that is visible to all present:

– These were the words that Ingerin Barderian read upon his return from the Moon of Medreos request of the woman who knew how to read between the lines the wishes and intentions of the brave man who could not have loved but in this way; making your dream come true. It was the first step in a sequence of events that we now know and that have allowed us to achieve the unthinkable.

In the midst of the cruellest devastation, Raudek Vilob’s research revealed that it is always necessary to look further from ourselves to find answers.

Let us remember Barderian with that lump in his throat when he made the famous scientist’s message known to the media of what was our root world:

A handwritten note that she made despite the paralysis.

“Let’s not look for culprits, let’s not try solutions. It is nature itself that has declared a warning and the approach to face the problem is not frontal, but multidirectional «Raudek Vilob

The Eggyans raised their fists high and exclaimed:

» In memory of a Vilob, Barderian, and Fardeg who together with their tireless team today has brought us to this place!

Imagine, put into practice, analyze and look for a way out; much of the sown will be shattered, dust and then that mass that is not fertile will form part of the landscape and it counts, it is there; It gives you experience, it places you where nothing is expected, but it builds a new reality.

Photographic design «The message of Vilob» by the author

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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