Successful moon landing of the Mega Vector Egg III at the International Lunar Station

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Let’s remember a passage from the first novel: Crystal Galaxy, (Galaxia de Cristal) when Tai needs to keep her ship from the curious gaze, her strategy to impersonate by an earthling was fundamental: She started some processes for the adaptation of her ship, in virtual scale on her monitor while she reflected on various possibilities, but she did not like the result and ended up the proposal. She simply followed the method to protect it from the curious gaze with something it called: 

Eggyan’s method was called «reverse or direct material depreciation» and its applications were undoubtedly manifold, at least for the Eggya scientists.

At that moment Tai was reflecting:

<On the root planet that was my home – she sighed, looking up and closing her eyes with sadness and pain – she lost what she loved the most, perhaps this is the place that will house the future, I don’t know. there is never a certainty. It is difficult to make modifications in places outside the ship shelter, outdoors it would be great, but I cannot arouse suspicions.>

Why do I remind you of this? Well, when the Mega Vector Egg III landed, all the earthlings who were waiting inside the reception module were highly surprised by the sight of the ship; Its ovoid shape sought the least sinuous terrain possible since the damage caused by the meteor shower prevented finding a flat surface close to the International Lunar Station.

Two pincers sprouted from the ship at the sides that allowed it to balance itself in repose, its appearance was that of a crab. Then the ship began a process that turned it into a larger ship in a few moments.

The exclamation of the earthlings was emotional and surprising, what they saw before their eyes was very difficult to assimilate; at that time, Citlali commented to Jean Michael:

– Do you remember boss that scientist of the 20th and 21st centuries who stubbornly and repeatedly crashed pencil-shaped ships on Earth, polluting and generating an impressive economic expense?

– Of course I remember Citlali, his intelligence made him lose ground until the international governments imposed house arrest on him.

– I do not understand the arrogance of men when they see that nature itself alludes to circular forms, exclaimed Citlali regretfully.

Jean Michael turned his gaze to a young woman who personally fascinated him and whom he had thought a lot about when they were in danger of losing their lives in the meteor shower; the woman in question was short, with a rounded body appealing to the Frenchman, who instinctively began to twist the tip of his moustache until it was sharp. When he noticed that Citlali was looking at him mischievously, he removed his hands from his moustache and looked at her seriously:

– Perhaps it is something more than pure arrogance, madam, but the Eggyan ship is showing us something unique and innovative.

The heads of the various technical branches that were on the Moon received the Eggyans, Borisnov, Smith, Abdallah and Jean Michael invited them to go to the reception hall

Following the sanitary protocol in a rigorous way, the heads of the various technical branches that were on the Moon received the Eggyans, Borisnov, Smith, Abdallah and Jean Michael invited them to go to the reception hall, apologizing since the tables they had served to raise the monitors in the face of the emergency they had experienced.

Captain Algyen recognized that as a high priority they should put their communications antenna to work and requested authorization to use their «structural engineering» equipment.

With an emotional taste and invaded by curiosity, the station chiefs almost in unison answered yes.

They observed from the panoramic window that it was with protective tape to prevent its destruction before the onslaught of the meteorites and the spectacle was surprising:

The robotic arms of the Eggyan ship were lengthened in such a way that a pincer will be in front of the antenna that lay on the ground and another behind, Commander Algyen during that process reported what was happening:

– At this moment and thanks to the process called “direct material depreciation”, we can lengthen the robotic arms to facilitate the work, in the same way, the process changes to “inverse material depreciation” when we reduce their volume.

The workers of the lunar platforms were amazed, they observed how without touching the tower it began to rise and the arm that was behind them balanced it, in this regard Algyen commented:

– There is no need to touch the equipment, an instantaneous pulse sonar materials to change position. The same pulse sonar will surround the structure to return it to its original shape, we do not need to hammer or weld, only in case we find very deteriorated areas.

According to the protocol, the heads of platforms, like the staff in general, wore face masks; We are not aware of it, but it is almost certain that most of them were speechless at what they observed.

Jean Michael eloquently thanked the Eggyans for their work, who were invited to enjoy a dinner prepared for them:

– We were informed that after the long journey you tend to eatfood, frugally, S’il vous plaît suivez-moi, j ‘ espère que vous l’aimez

During the dinner with diplomatic skill Algyen suggested that given the circumstances of the tower, they would possibly be prevented from bringing equipment or workers to Earth in the usual way and offered them the Mega Vector for any transfers that they consider necessary.

Most of the workers observed the illuminated countenance of Citlali for whom the opportunity to return to the side of her beloved Zila and to finally be able to place her baby in a test tube in her womb, was a unique opportunity.

Collaborating is sometimes one of the most difficult actions when we see the stranger as someone from whom we must defend ourselves before allowing him to teach us what he can share.

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Bibliographic reference: Book Galaxia de Cristal, ISBN 9781980286844 by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa  Chapter 1 Exodus, Subtitle: A place to live.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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