We will always look for a way to achieve it

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At that time from Earth, everyone knew that nothing could be done, they had to wait since the transmission antenna was not operating as it should know the details of the International Lunar platform, they fully trusted the personnel that operated on it, had the training to respond to any eventuality and had a little surprise that encouraged them completely, the Mega Vector Egg III had landed, the announcement was made known to the media by Yilia:

– We have recently received the answer that we were all waiting for our colleagues in charge of the third expedition to have landed, the repairs to the Central Communications Tower are in the process of being repaired, all operational personnel safe, the damage was only materials.

People in cafes, bars, supermarkets, cars, everywhere inhabited by Earthlings, paralyzed their activities when it came to an advertisement from the Eggyans, but this one, in particular, filled them with joy.

Inside the enclosure of Ana Pérez Riv, the guests invited to make contact with the ascended masters had not slept, their activity imposed a constant guard and that was truly exhausting; at that moment of the announcement, they all had breakfast and received the news with much less eloquence than the outside world, on their faces, there was a glow of complicity and amazement, the perfect mix to express what they captured.

What did they pick up on? When the crew of the third extraterrestrial ship arrived on Earth, they would have to agree to explain the background of everything that the mystical leaders finally intuited.

“Sensing something does not speak to you of certainties, only if you believe that there is a burning flame at the end of the tunnel, you will follow that path blindly, but sometimes there is no flame at the end of the tunnel; the flame is you and possibly the guide. » Ingerín Barderian

With this note that at some point in the past in a galaxy whose times are not ours is that the chapter concludes The Bridge will to make way for the title: The beginnings that finally opens a door to understand why the first novel  Galaxy of Cristal ( Galaxia de Cristal) begins with the chapter called Exodus.

Strangely enough, the same thing happened to Raudek Vilob and it happens to many who are given the task of investigating to find answers that are not easy and with which you can simply shout eloquently Eureka! this exclamation does not always shout at the end of the road, it usually happens at the beginning. 

Chapter the beginnings

Let’s go back to the moment when Vilob asks Galdek Fardeg to leave her alone and between sobs, she looks at the pieces of glass scattered throughout the laboratory and meditates to herself:

<I do not see the rage of a savage in this, beloved Barderian, what I see is the helplessness of a brave man willing to do anything to find solutions amid a world that has put us to the test.

My beloved, I promise you that before my flame goes out, you will have them, but I do not consider myself the guide, that is you and the key is in what you left me in the window of the laboratory every so often, on a piece of paper>

She remembered the times when distracted with her gaze on a nanometric tracking monitor, she felted a heat rise through her body, and she understood that it was the loving gaze of Ingerín who with a smile from the window of the laboratory corridor he places a handwritten note.

That night, when Raudek arrived home, she placed each of the notes in a sealed briefcase, which Barderian for a long time and whenever possible, left her in that laboratory, to which she would not return because at that moment she decided to leave to the Moon of Medreos.

Before closing the briefcase, she randomly extracted one of the notes that read:

The signature in the Eggyan language of the pioneer Ingerin Barderian, in the notes he wrote to Raudek Vilob

“In your gaze, I discover a path that leads me to a world that I do not know. You are the mystery that quenches my thirst for adventure; I am not satisfied with just looking at you, your life gives me the energy to feel immortal and believes it is possible » Ingerin Barderian

Raudek began to cry with dismay, with that pain that only those who face the deepest love feel, she breathed with the strength that she had left and she advanced towards the ship that at that moment was urging the passengers to board.

Taking possession of the new laboratory and waiting for her team and coordinator Galdeg Fardeg to be installed, she posted the notes on the wall, first in chronological order, walked away, and observed them talking in an imaginary way with Barderian exclaimed:

<Of course that no, this would be done by a historian, you are right my dear.>

Then she arranged them by themes and as she observed all those notes, she shook her head:

<Impossible, enlighten me Barderian, do it now!>

Then Raudek remembered that heat that surrounded her when he looked at her and she talks  to herself and also to  the imaginary vision of her beloved:

<You are right, each one of them is an electrical impulse.>

Between tears of joy and trying to prevent her eyes from clouding over with tears, she looked into the void:

<My beloved, Barderian, you are a genius!

Diseño y dibujo de la autora titulado «La Firma de Barderian»

con apoyo de la herramienta gratuita PicsArt.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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