The longing for eternity Is it something more than that?

The beginnings

Second chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

An ovoid diagram, perhaps spherical, that was the least of it, within that drawing the notes of Ingerin Barderian were placed in sections; at a good distance Galdeg Fardeg only saw a stack of notes and some others placed on the laboratory diagram as he approached to greet his friend and head of the Lab:

– Hello Raudek, good morning, we are already settling in the cubicles, Is there something that do you need to tell us, any instructions?

Raudek looked at him with a smile and extended her arm with a note:

– Observe and tell me from your perspective what you understand, I am interested in knowing.

It took Galdeg a few seconds to understand the context to value that note, at first glance it was a romantic message, from someone who did not think about things much when expressing himself, he just did. Glanced at the thought, and meditates the possibility that her friend had somehow lost the reason to the impact of the rejection of Ingerin and finally answered his question:

– I will read the note to figure me an idea of what you need to find under my perspective:

Fardeg said: When Barderian falls in love with you, aroused a referential response in the activity connective of his brain.

«I winding up my brain thinking how to convince your soul so that you never forget me ”

1.- Winding a skein to make a harmonious fabric

2.- With that fabric, you try to flatter the senses 

3.- The feeling that arises from that can form a memory for a long time.

Raudek watched him with her hand resting on her chin as she questioned him again:

– Where in the diagram would you place that note?

Fardeg scratched his head nervously, he knew that she would not explain what the diagram was, otherwise the assimilation of knowledge would be explicit and that was not what she used to do:

– If this is a planner I put it in the part front, only the phrase «I winding up my brain»; I would put the rest in the occipital areas, that is, in the region where you imagine something.

Raudek looked at him with a statement and pointed out:

We know about Barderian’s relationship with driedens and his development to extend knowledge, the feedback in his dealings with them is blocked because Barderian has his Ygg in very broad, but that does not prevent them from penetrating his Gynelib

Fardeg looked at her astonished and at the same time incredulous:

– When Barderian falls in love with you, aroused a referential response in the activity connective of his brain. Will you be aware of those concepts?

– I have no clue, what I can assure you is that if he had put these messages in other eyes and minds, they would have remained as a mere emotional response and would not be part of the research that can give us guidelines to perpetuate our life.

Fardeg looked at her stunned:

– I do not understand clearly what you intend through a neural network

Raudek put her hand on his colleague’s shoulder and with total seriousness asserted:

–  Galdeg Fardeg  I am not sure,  I do not know where everything will take us, the only certainty is that the driedens have the answer and do not want to act alone or simply cannot. 


Ygg in Eggyano is the part of the brain of what we call the amygdala, the most social people have it very developed.
Gynelib, is the part of the brain that earthlings recognize as the neocortex

Emotionotopy in the human right temporo-parietal cortex Giada Lettieri 1,2, Giacomo Handjaras 1,2, Emiliano Ricciardi1, Andrea Leo 1, Paolo Papale 1, Monica Betta1, Pietro Pietrini1,3 & Luca Cecchetti 1,3 *

Design and drawing with filter by the author: «Barderian’s words in the hands of Fardeg»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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