The passion of the lynx

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

In every culture, far or near, before history, even beyond the history of humanity itself, as is the case of Eggya; there will always be one or more lynxes, beings whose vision stands out for looking at what others have not perceived; all of them seek to find allies, people who help them transform the life that we are and place in beings with extraordinary qualities a voice, a luminous breath to advance and guide others on the way with what their soul is passionate about; that unique dictation commits them to achieve the magic of change.

Unfortunately, there are also the fanatics, dictators and believers of dogmas who consider their commitment on that side and drag humanity to follow the same path of yesteryear to do things to preserve the status quo; However, if it were not for them, the movements to encourage change would not exist, it is when groups appear that realize that things can and should be different.

With this thought I leave you when Citlali gets on the ship of the Eggyans to go to our Planet, the first human being to set foot on an alien ship:

– I am amazed at the simplicity of your equipment, thank you very much for allowing me, Captain Algyen, and first in command Vidra, it is very emotional to be here.

– We must do a simple analysis of their cellular biorhythms Citlali, which allows us to

Citlali nodded and smiled when a kind of violet light beam covered her head and later the rest of her body and the device said something incomprehensible to a human being.

Vidra, look at her with a small device in her hands, waiting for authorization.

Citlali nodded and smiled when a kind of violet light beam covered her head and later the rest of her body and the device said something incomprehensible to a human being.

Vidra replied that the mechanical voice is eggyan, this tool has replied that all her blood values ​​and levels of body and brain lipids are reasonable and within the established norm for her race and age. Thank you.

Have a seat, we will put it under the glass murdorian dome, the entrance to the Earth’s atmosphere can be a bit frightening on this ship for a human.

On Earth

The mass media began to broadcast that shortly in the Mexican aeronautical station, the alien ship would make its descent, they highlighted with joy that a woman chief of operations and coordination of the workers on the Moon was travelling in the ship, the announcement highlighted that it was the first time in human history that such an event was recorded.

The mass media made a report of the professional life of Citlali, the woman who married Professor Zila Felguerez Galafik.

Zila called her mother and told her that day was the happiest of his life, the light of his eyes returned to complete one of the tasks that would change their lives. His mother with a big smile pointed out:

– And in what way! the mass media have already pointed to her as the first human in an alien ship, what a wonder my son; the pregnancy they share with such vitality renews me and makes me immensely blissful.

– Mother I must hang up I have a message from Tai on my cell phone, see you tomorrow in the laboratory, don’t wait for us to have dinner or celebrate tonight is …

– I understand son, I understand perfectly.

Zila looked at his cell phone with curiosity with the words of Tai:

<Dear Professor Zila, I am back from the university where I had to present a series of justifications to be released from a lawsuit, fortunately, all the process was successful; I am glad that your wife will soon be by your side at the beginning of next week we will contact you, the group needs to speak in person, avoid video calls. We appreciate your understanding and patience.>

On the television monitor of his study, he observed the moment in which the Eggyans descended from that starship that had caused so much astonishment to the Orientals when their descent was present with the Mega Vector Egg II and now in the Mexican capital with the Mega Vector Egg III.

Vidra asked before descending:

– What indications are there for bioconnectors, Nahuatl or Spanish?

– Vidra, the second is the official language, which we coordinate.

A series of sessions and interviews of the most diverse awaited them and of course the moment to contact their friends and plan the next step. Zila arrived in his single-engine to the facilities where rooms were prepared for the newcomers, a luxurious resort in which they had a temazcal to show their cordiality in the Mexican style since they understood that an ostentatious dinner was not suitable for any of the newly arrived.

Total intimacy

Back at home Citlali and Zila felt that their hearts were creating a harmonious beat, a loving and vibrant concert after being away from each other for so long. Citlali began to kiss her lover with tenderness and passion, at the moment that Zila separated her from his body; she did not understand what was happening, she felt confused and let him know. 

– My beloved, you must remain completely aseptic and without the slightest impact, tomorrow you will receive our beloved baby in your body. Let’s do it my way this time.

Citlali was confused, embarrassed by such an unexpected comment, and looked at him in confusion.

– Close your eyes and follow my movements, said her beloved Zila.

– How am I going to follow you? If you ask me to close … ahhh! My love, I love you!

– That’s what I mean dear Citlali, follow me with the eyes of each of your cells, they know how to look in a completely different and magical way, the intensity is due to the enormous love we share, follow me and forget your body for that night.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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