Tai’s dissertation on North America and the diplomatic agreement

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Taking into account the established protocols, the academic staff was arranged to receive the group of Eggyans so that they could be presented with the charges and demands that the Institution of Higher Academic Studies had against Tai.

Jack, an Asgardian who received them in his cabin when they reached the town closest to the university headquarters, pointed out that the tendency of academics over time had become more inclusive in every way, branches of science that were not previously they considered themselves to be part of their chairs, they had gained ground, many other disciplines tended to disappear with the progress of digitized activities, and well, it was a world where the rigor of knowledge was highly placed in what they describe as a degree of excellence.

With a few hours of sleep, most of them set out to continue the journey to the famous university where they were waiting for their punctuality, Jack lowered various belongings from his truck so that everyone could get on without difficulty, they observed an adorable landscape with a lot of green vegetation and a fresh atmosphere, totally different from what they experienced in Iquique, another type of landscape, the wealth of the planet was a true treasure.

The corridors of the university,  reminded Tai and Yilia of the Castilviegers facilities on the moon Tuliem, a fascinating place with an ancient culture that had been preserved over time thanks to its agility to deflect asteroids. In part because of its geological formation, the couple smiled when taking into account this eccentric fact and at the same time a strategic point to advance in the future.

In a room with carved wooden armchairs, they were received by two deans, and Mrs. McGrell, greeted them with great cordiality, accompanied by the director of the astrophysics campus. Willing to manage deliberations and of course with the support of their other Eggyan companions, Taige and Yilia’s couple put their best talents in preparation for the moment that awaited them, they had already lived through thousands of difficult situations and this was another with which to face.

Clearing his voice, the director of the faculty of astrophysics prepared to read a series of charges and immediately afterward arranged different ways to remedy the embarrassing event, as he described it:

— I understand that your  real name is Taige from  Eggya, your professional position is Commander-in-chief of the intergalactic ship called  Mega Vector Egg-1 and your knowledge of astrophysics equals or surpasses that taught at this university, the dean clarified twice his voice and asked for an explanation to Tai:

— Respectable dean’s, I consider that studies may not be passed, we have different disciplines and orientations, but if a branch of my knowledge equates to what you call astrophysics.

The dean put his hand to his forehead and continued with his list of lawsuits that were more like argumentative propositions, from premise to conclusion, the Eggyans were aware that this was all going and how they could fix it, but they gave him time to elaborate and arrange each of the steps.

In the next step, Tai proposed to present an evaluative exam so that the dean and the director of the Faculty of Astrophysics would rate the knowledge that she had and if in some way these could help to establish a precedent in the face of the university of their respect to the campus and its academic discipline.

They finally agreed to deliberate with Tai on a financial amount for the non-pecuniary damage suffered by Mrs. McGrell and for preserving the prestige of the academic institution, and they agreed that Tai will take an exam that same afternoon on a sufficient basis.

Daniel requested a volume of the thesis of the distinguished graduate of the invaluable institution, and Jasik offered to create a digital version of it in the Eggyan language and Endelferg, she was undoubtedly part of one of the most important steps that they took,  that would not have been possible without their help.

The virtual library of Abudanaya in the remote village of  Medreos had a moon, it is precisely the place that Raudek Vilob’s team occupies to develop its research.

The Moon of Medreos 

The virtual library of Abudanaya in the remote village of  Medreos had a moon where the linguistic richness of nearby villagers and unknown treasured every discovery, was guarded by a large group of people that would be the equivalent of emeritus professors on earth. It is precisely the place that Raudek Vilob’s team occupies to develop its research.

Taking this data into account, Raudek spoke to her team when they met in the laboratory, traveling from Eggya to settle indefinitely in that place:

– Dear researchers, I thank you for your confidence in this new adventure, Igeldy, Antag, Folorig, Pascy, Ethym and Fardeg, have left everything to come here, I know that some miss their other colleagues whose occupations have prevented them from following us.

We do not have a large budget, as academics, you have a pension that helps you with your daily expenses, the institution offers us the equipment as payment, there is no per diem and you know it and you are here supporting a dream, thank you.

Every week we send a report of our progress to the virtual library Abudanaya, with a copy to pioneer Ingerin Barderian.

When saying these words there was some discomfort in those present and it was Igeldy who asked:

—  Have you thought that the pioneer Barderian could take too bad that it is precisely based on his notes that the investigation is undertaken? He may feel uncomfortable.

Raudek Vilob looked at her carefully and hinted at a slight smile:

— I know Ingerin, and also his ego has to value that, especially when he realizes that no matter how distant I am, I affirm myself with loyalty and special affection, giving the privileged place to each of his words. Besides, we must understand that inspiration and roots draw from something deeper and he must know it, since, in a long way, Barderian will be the one who closes the circle. We must trust it to be so.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Reference: In the first novel Galaxia de Cristal ISBN 9781980286844
This is mentioned: Endelferg, scientific language used by intergalactic corporations Chapter 5, Preparations for Mars, subtitle The poet waits, scientists do not.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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