Life, death, and hope.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

On Earth in the present time of history Citlali, Sofía and Zila wait in the gynecological office of the assisted pregnancy laboratory; They do not say a word they are nervous and expectant when the doctor enters and points out:

– Mrs. Citlali will have to stay to perform some tests, it is something simple, basically the levels of oxytocin and some other elements that the endometrium requires to properly fix the child, whose growth so far is adequate and is in optimal health.

At that moment Zila receives a message:

<We are waiting for you in two hours, I sent you the location of the place where our meeting will be, thank you very much Professor Zila.>

– Well, I have an unavoidable commitment in two hours …

– Go easy on my son I will be aware of the details and accompanying Citlali.

The couple says goodbye with a romantic kiss.

In the past in distant Eggya, Barderian enters his house smiling, it is as if from behind he could observe the tree that his mother urged him to plant; the telephone rings insistently and on the other side of the receiver a breathless and distant voice shouts desperately:

– Barderian, we need your help, I call you from moon Piple’s, the waters of the rivers began to boil, we fled to the mountains, many fishermen perished, it was unexpected there was no time for anything, possibly it is the nucleus, I do not know if the star magnetizes it. Gather your team, It’s … ooosss …

– The signal was cut, another emergency in a short time, we already lost the area Yberil, now this.

Barederian dials another number and asks for all the help they can offer him, he runs to his Vector and desperately removes everything that is inside, shouting to himself:

<We need space, every living being that we can save, needs this space!>

In the distance, he observes Moon Piple’s, whose tonalities fluctuate due to the temperature changes they are undergoing. Ingerin knows that he cannot accelerate his machine any further, his gaze is flooded with tears of rage and impotence.

Fly over the sinister area on the tributary of the river that leads to the sea, thousands of Odré worms float, the food that gave sustenance to various areas Eggyan, the cereal fields are destroyed, ashes and wisps of smoke rise on the horizon; not only are there Odré worms in the waters, bodies with exposed bones also boiled in the angry waters of rivers and seas.

Barderian approaches the skin of that fiery and boiling sea and with one of the arms of his vector takes a sample of water in a test tube to take it for analysis. He turns angrily towards the mountain, the only place where he can find living beings.

He listens on the radio to another veteran who calls him desperately:

– Barderian, this is not going to end is the star we have to find another place!

– Tai wants to go to deep space but we cannot risk people, we do not have resources for a challenge of such magnitude. At the moment we are the only resource that all these people have, move them, distribute them in the most remote areas and keep looking.

Before Barderian’s eyes are the fields where pimelin bushes grow, people pack what they can before climbing into his ship; for him, this vision is something else, the prognosis is terrifying.

A child approaches him with tears in his eyes and Barderian responds:

– Now we are family, we all are.

Before Barderian’s eyes are the fields where pimelin bushes grow, people pack what they can before climbing into his ship

On Earth, the Eggyans see Zila’s single-engine approach, they welcome it with warmth and joy; Vidra watches him carefully and offers him a seat in the living room, Tai and Yilia smile, the others take their seats. Tai raises his hand towards Vidra, Zila observes each one of them carefully and observes Vidra with special attention, the silence is total and there is an atmosphere of peace in that place:

<We appreciate your support, the group of leaders mystics has managed to establish the bridge, their ancestors joined forces with us>

These words are not heard in the living room, Zila hears them in his head, for him, there are no surprises, the clear certainty impacts him and at the same time recognizes that his own voice is weak for all of them, despite this, they try to answer in the same way:

<The universe is surprising, fulfilling a task of such magnitude has taken us too long, but the test is real, it is possible. Who are the enhancers? >

Tai decides to answer Zila:

<Driedens, dear Professor Zila, the equivalent of mystical leaders of your planetary system.>

Why does everything turn out to be a lifetime’s trajectory for us, why is what we inherited thrown away, why did we decide to kill ourselves, without understanding that something more powerful could annihilate us? Maybe there are no simple answers and no easy solutions, but it is good to think about it.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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