Closing the circle reminds us of the crystal

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

References from the first book: Crystal Galaxy:

Braulio in the Barilli´s chalet commented to the group of friends who were preparing for Tai’s trip towards Mars:

In the 21st century, a researcher was given the task of devising a membrane to be able to make interplanetary travel, this person belonged to NASA, was the chemical engineer Doug Way, from the Colorado School of Mines and they also mention Engineer Larry Mason of the Lockheed company who collaborated with him; they were looking for something efficient and theoretically possible, a membrane.

The response of the eggyana was immediate apparently, they had also tried it:

-Membranes solve some problems to travel to distant worlds, but they are not viable in all cases -Tai noted- the semi-permeable barriers that form them, in a zone of asteroids or with a solar wind against it do not work.

Braulio observes her and points out:

The most exciting thing in the history of intergalactic humanity lies in the great similarity of searches, – don’t you think Tai? -In such a way that the scientific truth of the people, has an astonishing point of intersection. I could say that it is like looking out of a glass.

On the Moon upon the arrival of the Mega Vector Egg II with Yilia’s crew:

Yilia took Taige by the hands when greeting her, he felt emotion, with a strange mixture of respect for her daring, but the passion that had captivated them at one point became a confused feeling, the distance that had separated them was great and not only physical, other factors influenced the distance that occurred between them; with soft words, he asked:

«Did you think about returning, Taige, what crossed your mind when you disappeared?»

-In my mind there was the need that prevails right now, to find a hopeful place, a place where life was prosperous and it would not remind me of the world that we will never have again.

– Did you have any certainty, any sign, a clue?

-No, only the fervent desire to get such a place and I can assure you that mystical idea of ​​the distant paradise where we would find the crystal where we could look at ourselves in other faces and different bodies, is somehow true.

-Yilia looked at her in amazement and exclaimed: «You would be the warrior goddess who conquers the crystal»

Current times in Mexico:

When Zila realized what the Eggyans were saying to him, he exclaimed surprised and at the same time incredulous of what he was understanding:

– ¿Are they telling me that a drieden’s holobiont made it possible?

Yilia, with an honest smile, looked at the teacher and added:

– Possibly we look from his Galaxy to the one that was ours, as one who is observed through a glass, in the same way, that the pioneer Barderian looked at his reflection and complement through of the laboratory glass. 

The use of fossil fuels is the basic principle but its evolution could be said to be very similar to the one you have described, your perception of reality as a whole is amazing, for us you are a drieden.

We want to show you one of the messages that Barderian sent to Raudek Vilob since from this message things accelerated in an impressively way.

Yilia opened his Murdorian crystal and unfolded a hologram with the Eggyan text that Yilia himself translated:

Barderian’s message that would change everything

«I dream of laying a net that catches your desires and I can fully treasure» Ingerin Barderian.

Zila put his hands to his face and confessed:

– I try perhaps unsuccessfully to educate others in the discipline of something that is sometimes superior to the understanding of the common human, avoiding self-referential responses is not easy. You are here and we certainly listen to all of them as we perform the genetic memory dispersal ritual.

Algyen looked at Vidra and added:

– We did not know that, we only had the opportunity to see the huge network curving space and alluding to the meteorites. Logically as Yilia has pointed out, you are a drieden.

Zila summed up that there was something else to understand, they weren’t capable of what the driedens could do and who among them was?

Something has not been said, something remains floating in the air, that event is about to be discovered in the Moon of Medreos

Photographic design by the author with free PicsArt filter «The message that changed everything»


Chapter of the book Crystal Galaxy, Preparations for Mars, subtitle: «The poet waits, the scientists, no»
Chapter of the same book, A new horizon towards the future, Subtitle «Strategic scale»
Spanish ebook

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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