Taurus, Toro, Toroid

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Zila observed the group of Eggyans seriously and Vidra commented:

– We have advanced along paths that are not the same, but in something we agree, to preserve what is fundamental for each of us is the engine that has guided us to find a site with an important cultural and scientific heritage.

Precisely on one side of that impressive place that only you know by scientific calculations, was the planetary system where Eggya existed

A toroid is where we can find what would be the birthplace of comets surrounding the solar system, whose name for you is the Oort cloud.

Precisely on one side of that impressive place that only you know by scientific calculations, was the planetary system where Eggya existed; Tai, Yilia, Ploc Erin, Anay, Jasic, Ontyl, Mutey, and Frint, are part of the expedition, and thanks to a daring and strategic step by Tai.

Now, we are here with the Mega Vector Egg III and its crew, but none of you know if there will be more Eggyans joining the tasks of Earth. 

Zila looked at them in amazement and understood, putting his hand to his mouth, Algyl replied on this occasion:

– Now Professor Zila understands that it will not be easy to make this news known and at the same time, those who know it, may be subject to study or considered subjects that should maybe be under a Faraday box, or something similar.

Zila nodded and thanked them for their trust and Tai stressed:

– You sensed it and your group listened to the message, each question you asked us was aimed at discovering it, we are the ones who thank you for not divulging it and we are the ones who today have the privilege of making this known to you.

Moon of Medreos

We will have to go to the past and try to understand what happened to that message in the hands of the team of 8 scientists, how did they decipher them and why did it become one of the most prominent?

Only if you are intuitive enough do you already know what it is about, but we cannot leave it to the good understanding, logically:

1.- I dream of laying out a network (frontal and occipital) project and plan

2.- That it catches your desires       (frontal) part of a plan

3.- To treasure them entirely (Neocortex) basal area enlarged by pumping 

The eight scientists firmly analyzed every detail of this message, where number 1 involved frontal and occipital areas of the brain, therefore it was a project and a plan to draw; sentence 2 was placed as a planning issue that highlighted the frontal area, and by sentence 3 they understood the relationship of the neocortex enlarged by the blood supply.

Antag analyzed each of the sentences and resolved, exclaimed: 

– the project involves planning the formation of an existing network, it seems that it resembles that of fishing, and in it, Barderian decides to save something important.

Raudek looked at each of the scientists and asked:

– How many types of networks do we know and their applications? neural, electrical, computer, mycelial; All of them obey a system, if the last sentence takes us from the heart to the brain, possibly it implies the symbol of the acknowledgment of receipt that Ingerin sent us today after the first report.

Fardeg considered a logical alternative and pointed out:

– If the network obeys a drieden, we should go to one of them and request data to help us in each step of the investigation, explore with the support of one of them will give us light on the way.

All agreed, in adding a drieden to the team, they called the village of Tourum requesting the support of the person who could travel to the laboratory.

Let us remember those that were made public for humans eager to know about intergalactic travel:

In one of the interviews offered to the mass media:

One of the attendees chose to ask how a trip of such a distance was bearable without exhausting the resources of a being alive, he apologized for not knowing for sure if they and the Earthlings were similar in any of the characteristics beyond the physical and the possibility of speaking in the same language.

Anay pointed out that they had managed to develop a technique to lower the levels of activity of the body and the minimum intake of food, the cabins of their ship had cocoons that helped to preserve the body isolated from extreme radiation and there was a preparation to achieve this type of conditioning, one of them was to stay for a reasonable time in the cocoon flooded with water added with salts and lubricants based on nutrients that gave the muscles possibilities to maintain the tensor that is usually lost in interstellar travel. 

After a time that in terrestrial terms would be 45 minutes, the body is free of the liquid and it is kept for 3 hours in another cubicle that reactivates it and based on a principle very similar to what on earth calls pasteurization, to recover nutrients, sanitize and preserve at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees Celsius, all this in measurements and calculations that we have made of the measurement and weight systems on earth, to be able to explain it efficiently to all of you.

Now we are understanding some details and of course, there will always be doubts that will not be easy to understand but that was necessary to achieve the impossible.

Toroid Chart Reference: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toroide

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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