Essay and Error; Live or Die

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Zila suddenly understands the reality that the Eggyans explain to her and recognizes why on some occasions Tai likens their experience to that of a crystal through which we can see on the other side of the galaxy and find a reality that does not it is alien to us; With total regret, he comments:

– In the time that occupies us 2287, humans have expanded the population to the Moon, and in the same way to Mars, if we put the example of the distant and disappeared Moons of Pible or Yberil, I am not a connoisseur but it is not difficult to imagine Mercury changing colors and turning into an incandescent sun that would explode distributing fireballs in different directions of the Solar System; So everything we have created, the expansion we have focused on and the lives of today’s human beings who hope to leave generations populating those territories where their relatives work, would cease to be accurate, would cease to be productive, our history, culture, achievements, and feats would be turned to ashes.

Tai observes him and nods, at the moment he gives the floor to Vidra, extending his hand to give him the floor:

With the passage of time we have understood that it is not divinity, even when many consider it that way and we respect it, said Vidra

– My father was a drieden, possibly not for everyone there is the concept that some human populations have of «Divinity» It is a root that we detached a long time ago from philosophy as we see it, but I know that you understand perfectly what I mean. Now, the search to connect with others who are not, who are not drieden had nothing to do with metaphysical theories, but with the incessant need to find a way out, to avoid losing everything.

If you have time we will tell you the preliminary findings of the pioneer Barderian who met some of the group, at that time Tai was a teenager at risk of falling into the paralysis to which many were exposed.

Zila looks at her cell phone and asks them for a few minutes to make a call, since she wants to know more about what they kindly want to share.

<Mother, can you tell me how the whole process of Citlali is going, please, the interview has been the most enriching and I wonder if there is time for them to give me more information …>

<Of course son is on an intravenous chorionic gonadotropin and they check the levels of progesterone, the doctor points out that this hormone facilitates the nesting of the baby, strengthens the endometrium, and strengthens the placenta; their levels varied when they were in conditions where the Lunar gravity generates changes, let me pass the gynecologist who is assisting her to give you more information …>

<Professor Zila, if Dr. Mariano Alvez speaks, everything is responding satisfactorily, we are evaluating the placental lactogen since his wife was under a strong stress load with the bombardment of meteors in the international lunar station, the proteins and glucose need to be leveled, the oxytocin was inhibited before the presence of adrenaline, it will take us some time, go calmly to carry out your activities in two days at the most, this process will allow us to successfully place the baby in the womb …>

Zila returns to the room where they have met to attend and asks them to continue with the story, it is Vidra who takes the word:

– My father was called Yertei, he was part of the group with the infinity symbol, according to what we have learned from you we know of a German mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbi us in 1858 created a tape; But it has nothing to do with my father identifying Raudek Vilob’s lab group with something like that, at all. What my father saw was the feeling of Barderian and the inspiration that emanated from his being just by thinking of his beloved Raudek, for Barderian she was the beginning and the end of his mental universe, that is why my father when looking towards the Luna de Medreos and receiving a message from her knew who it was.

When my father arrived at the laboratory he let the team know about this feeling, which invaded the team leader with joy and at the same time facilitated the path they took and that it was not easy at all.

Barderian desperately needed to safely enter the deep space zone and let Taige know:

– I have in my possession a tool that I will not tell you about until I test it successfully, I need to know if I can turn it into one. ally in the distance, I am heading towards it I will name it test number 1, I am not sure how to assimilate the tool I am talking about but I will leave it in a blog on my desk, if I do not return, please open my house and do everything that in it I keep part of your investigation, keep Raudek informed, just in case no information about my return is known.

Ingerin Barderian I note in the log of test number 1:

Step number one: Extraction of fluid from the medulla oblongata that I inject intravenously into my body.

Step number two: Evaluation of my heart rate, it increased considerably and subsequently stabilized.

Step three: I am about to take off into deep space. Over and out.

Vidra continues the story and points out: 

– Barderian returned with the body with burns, the media televised him, his joy was evident, he named that space The portal from which the light is born. You know that place as the Cave Nebula.

The strength of the liquid obtained from the medulla oblongata of a drieden’s brain was the first step; Barderian had become the messenger between two worlds, but his scope continued, he began to create alternatives to safeguard our knowledge and was able to rescue a few Eggyans from paralysis.

On the other hand, my father witnessed the delicate and intense work that the eight scientists undertook when they appointed him as a consultant.

Time was running out and the need to preserve the fundamentals was imperative, we will see a journey that was beyond all logic, there was the energy of a group willing to achieve the impossible.

Author´s references:

In chapter one, The Bridge: Subtitle: For alchemy a perpetual flame is necessary
Translated paragraph from the book Newton Short Biography of Peter Ackroyd, Chapter XI Hero Worship p., 108

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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