Weaving historical memory into the social fabric

The beginnings

El Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Vidra continues the story of her father called Yertei, who, before reaching the Moon of Medreos, had request the scientists to turn off the light when they arrive at the cubicle where the brains of deceased Eggyans were stored at the neuroscience institute.

For the group that made their way there, the stage was surprising, definitely something similar to what Barderian experienced at home; the flashing light flasks were found in different parts of the shelves, the obvious was that those brains belonged to Driedens.

They took the jars with the brains and took them to the cubicle where they were working, Raudek immediately understood that this was the network that her beloved was referring to Ingerín, what she did not understand was how that network would have to be structured.

At that moment they saw the breaking news where Barderian was returning from what you know as the cave nebula and shouting in exaltation that he had found the key; They hospitalized him and gave him a psychological evaluation, everyone thought he had lost his mind after such an intrepid journey. The team of scientists sent a statement with a high-security classification character, which was letterhead under the initials: VF (Vilob Fardeg) to know the status of the pioneer Barderian.

Tai must remember that passage, Vidra extended her hand to give the word to Taige:

– That’s how I remember seeing him with his chest seriously burned and part of his scalp shattered; when we were alone he told me:

<I injected myself an intravenous fluid from the medulla oblongata of a drieden, I endured the impossible but I think it was not enough or it is not the right method, I need you to go home and feed them with a solution of 2% glucose, they are going to leave me here for a while and I don’t want them to get lost, there are 3 jars of them, thanks for coming, I can’t say this openly, a “mental health specialist” has already evaluated me and I have to leave as soon as possible and my skin would be able to support the clothing, but not yet. Taige, please contact someone from Tourum, we do not have time>

Barderian  at the end he told me with wide eyes:

<Taige, it is possible to save all, I saw the portal, we have hope>

I  went to his house and found the notebook with the experiment and a telephone number of the Village of  Tourum, when I dialed they told me to take the three bottles to Raudek Vilob’s laboratory, she would start the process of preserving the tissues with the other units, he added that they were waiting for instructions from Yertei who was already on his way.

The team respected the Barderian notebook and named the following like this:

Ingerin Barderian and team VF, Test number 2:

Step number one: Extraction of fluid from the medulla oblongata and evaluation of compatibility with Eggyan brains without special abilities.

Step number two: Dissection of the brain mass to evaluate tissue with higher drieden activity.

Step number three: Gathering tissue to a digitizable information network

As you will realize, Professor Zila, on the one hand, we wanted to see if we rescued the bodies with paralysis and, on the other hand, if we managed to preserve within a dendrite of drieden as much information as possible from our historical memory; also that which we conserve from the space probes that we had managed to capture on their trips to hyperspace.

Taige takes the hand of his couple Yilia and apprehensively points to the group:

– Our world was falling apart and the alternatives were few, we had to hold on to whatever it was or resign ourselves to losing everything. 

Zila looked at them and admitted: 

– I don’t dare to speculate anything but I imagine that your physical presence is something more than just that.

Vidra pointed with a nervous smile:

– I prefer that we go by parts since my father had a determining influence in the following tests.

Algyen got up and rubbing his hands said:

– I think we would like a cup of coffee or a fruit drink. Do you like the idea, Professor Zila?

Zila nodded somewhat stunned,  that story was fascinating and shocking at the same time; overall by the circumstances in which it happened.

Critical awakening: Physicists have found evidence of a continuous phase transition in brain activity. (Courtesy: Shutterstock / Phonlamai-Photo)

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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