What do you value most in a living being?

The beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

At that time we had not the slightest hope that something would be salvageable, our world, created thousands of years ago, would be stardust; No one would remember us beyond those who managed to cross what Barderian recognized as a bridge or portal, but under the conditions that he returned, the probability was scarce or minimal, Vidra reminded the group of the moment when  his father pointed the question  by  the eight scientists when meeting them:

–Dear group of scientists, thank you for accepting me to collaborate with you, my question is very simple, do you know what is salvageable from each living being in the areas that we know?

Raudek said: Dear Yertei, we only have what our mind has treasured, everything that represents our feeling of love for life and those who are part of it.

Yertei, my father sensed the enormous uncertainty, answering would be very complicated for each of them; life in the land was felt at every moment, we realize that the world is much more and that far from what we apprehend, there is what we experience, there are voices that are linked to the dreams that we are and others that will never understand the bustle of the passions of those we face to realize what we were about to live.

The struggle of some was punctual and individualistic, others dreamed that their treasured goods would have a place in that place that we did not know; wrong both. 

Undoubtedly, the road led us to light and one-way trips; in the meetings, people crowded together to ask what would happen to what they had grown, what was going to happen with their monuments, palaces, artistic expressions, great spaces.

I must admit that none of that was in the future, nothing, the trip imposed a basic and drastic rule, what you know, what you keep in your memory, what you care for others, that is what you can take.

It was then that Raudek Vilob responded with total seriousness:

– Dear Yertei, we only have what our mind has treasured, everything that represents our feeling of love for life and those who are part of it.

The others were in total agreement with her, in fact, they had left their houses, their goods to gather in a small place on the Moon of Medreos and put their minds at the service of a plan that aimed to rescue what they were as inhabitants of that zone in the vast universe.

My father nodded and told them that, given the events, they had the opportunity to connect with the intergalactic federation, they would-be allies, solidarity entities that have collaborated with them for a long time to be able to form a network.

Like you at the time of the ritual that you have appointed disseminator, the driedens do the same.

Zila put her hands together to her lips before asking:

– All of you are talking to me about generations of beings that have managed to transmute towards the stars, they were the ones we listened to. It’s amazing! I would like to know how they collaborated to reach this part of the galaxy.

Tai answered his question:

–You will have noticed that not all of us are descendants of driedens,  Vidra and Ontyl who is still in Mar del Plata are the children of a father, in the case of Vidra and of a mother, in the case of Ontyl with such characteristics; that is the reason because the energy of a drieden is not complete, his human part governs an important average of his vision.

They validated an emergency method, the one that Barderian tried unsuccessfully by placing an IV shot into the bloodstream of a drieden’s brainstem. We already called it a brain bio-connector.

It was not easy, there was nothing that gave us guidelines for the graft of a being whose evolution was based on his knowledge of the cosmos, we even had physical losses of the patients who were disabled by paralysis, the attempt failed. But we had no alternative.

Before explaining the procedure in detail, I want you to know something that Braulio can explain:

– – Braulio cleared his throat and pointed, I did not fully understand why precisely my hometown was chosen by Taige, her decision to choose a certain point of the planet and no other and he said, is good to remember to all of you that detail, here with Professor Zila.

Tai, she pointed out, upon perceiving Braulio’s gaze urging him to respond:

It was my connector, it did not indicate details, it simply turned on, it usually happens on occasions we leave a network in the cloud that neurally inclines us towards certain decisions and there are years of experience loading data The moment comes when the data itself makes the «effective match» as they would say it here on earth, that intuitive blow, so to speak.

At that moment, Daniel decided that part of the comments would remain for the select or private group to which we now integrate you, Professor Zila, they are peculiarities that in truth to the rest of humanity they were not going to resonate or if they did they could endanger the operation and especially relating the hard data, the interaction of them like us and the brain bioconnector, is definitely something that would leave us at a disadvantage. As my wife Taige said, they would see us as subjects to be analyzed and locked in what you know as Faraday’s drawer.

Zila looked at the group with surprise and exclaimed:

—  You are saying to me that you are not referring to a holobiont whose capacity emanates a frequency towards the intuition of a mystical or drieden being. Oh! I understand their despair, I perceive it, beyond an emergency, all the eggyans tried to make Eggya’s heartbeat, reaching the last consequences.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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