Subtle truths not perceptible to all

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Vidra continued with the speech and made Professor Zila understand that perhaps what he related to a hobionte for them was defined as a galactic network, and she affirmed, my father tried to put a name that was understood at the time by the group of scientists and he naming it that way: The intergalactic federation, however, in fact, and from what we saw from the panoramic view of our ship, that perception I could not compare it now with that denomination.

I must admit that for humans it gave the desired result, talking about a group of beings connected in various galaxies to help each other, gave meaning to a reality that perhaps many of you <or of them> will never have the opportunity to see as such.

They, the network’s trainers, would never pay a special tribute to some of its members, but I suppose there are people among them who have led forces for a long time, who have unified powers, and who have intensified the network. They direct a message that is part of the history of what thousands of human beings have written, done, and created in various parts of the cosmos.

Therefore, Professor Zila, I can assure you that the mystical leaders have managed to be part of it, I am certain that they were there under a band of intense reddish tones, validating what strengthens us as part of the eternal, that which escapes us from our hands. by leaving the physical body that we are.

We did not have time to know if it would work, if we could create a genetic inheritance of a value for the generations that we would no longer have, there would no longer be living bodies to connect with the notion of a world beyond themselves.

In the plane of reality and beliefs that we had, the concept of celestial divinities, of Valhalla, of adoration of a creative being whose glory exalts you with eternal life if you have fulfilled its precepts or punishes you in hell if you have,  not mean nothing to any of us.

Things remained for many in the shadow-light of an unknown reality full of uncertainty, let me recall a passage from those moments of great discouragement:

Yertei said to Raudek: we are receiving a message, we must figure it out, for some reason it seems that we have the opportunity to preserve the lives of some of us

When Raudek Vilob realized Barderian’s physical situation, she approached my father and told him that she had no logic for her or the group to try to reach an ethereal world and beyond all logic, she did not understand what was happening with those bright and pulsating brains in the middle of those that remained inert, then my father replied:

<Raudek, we are receiving a message, we must figure it out, for some reason it seems that we have the opportunity to preserve the lives of some of us, that is what I intuit>

At the moment Vilob organized a series of tasks and this was the next step of the investigation:

Ingerin Barderian and VF team, Test Number 3:

Step One: Tissue Compatibility for Bonding.

Step number two: astrocytes that form scar tissue can serve as a connector between an inert brain and a dry brain.

Step Three: Ependymal cells help form part of the pathway through which cerebrospinal fluid circulates. They can generate efficient feedback.

Raudek asked someone from the team to maintain communication with the hospital where Barderian was staying to find out his health status and to know if he could receive the weekly report of their investigations, Vidra points out to the group that silently listen to her with full attention, she looked at Taige to continue the history:

Taige never communicated directly with Raudek but reported the interest of Ingerin Barderian who wished the brains were brought to Medreos. Then Ethym one of the eight scientists advised her to take them to the neuroscience hospital since a Medreos-Eggya link would be made with them.

Taige’s help was vital as the tests were replicated with Eggya’s hospital and that helped us buy time and create alternatives.

At that moment Zila’s cell phone started ringing, it was her mother, she needed to go home and she wanted him to know.

The Eggyans understood and suggested that Zila found fascinating:

– Professor Zila we would like to continue the talk after you report what we have talked about to the mystical leaders and our next meeting will be with the 28 people who invoke the forces of the network. We feel  grateful if you to accept it

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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