We cannot live in a dream forever

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Going around in circles and trying to find solutions that alleviate the suffering of the people of Eggya was not an easy matter, encouraging them in the belief that things would have a solution was not something most believed. What am I going with this comment? Back to the last moments of a world about to collapse, Barderian was hospitalized, and the portal in his mind was a fixation.

Taige decides to take the jars with the three brains to the hospital indicated by the Medreos group and that is where the person who is currently in our world in the town of Mar del Plata receives her, in the Barilli house, I mean Ontyl.

Why is he in Mar del Plata, what task keeps him away from the rest of the group?

Let’s go back to that instant when precisely Taige realizes that moment when she perceives what is happening to Paula, she realized that something was not going well with her, her energy had diminished, and that no longer stopped nothing; she fixed his gaze on that woman who had put all her interest in helping her when she was discovered by the argentine friend’s group; for Paula, the world would be something different soon; uneasiness invaded her thoughts, but she would not say anything so as not to discourage the group, much less worry her husband Rolando Alberto.

Tai later spoke with Yilia to explain what she had perceived in her dear friend Paula; they cannot grasp the ungraspable, they cannot wish for the magic to persist beyond its own energy, you cannot cry out to the universe for what will no longer be. Impossible to retain, distant and truly ethereal we would find her on the other side of the mighty life that flowed around her, fate was in the hands of time and time does not stop.

Ontyl will put all his talent to rescue Paula from death
Ontyl will put all his talent to rescue Paula from death

The couple formed by Yilia and Taige at that moment requested the assistance of Ontyl, connoisseur, and specialist in the defunct neuroscience clinic in Eggya, the site to which Taige took the jars with the driedens brains in the past,  and that is the reason why Ontyl remains in Mar del Plata because he is an expert in this area.

They would do the impossible so that Rolando did not realize Paula’s true health situation, even at the request of her who knew how important each event they were experiencing now was, therefore the challenge was enormous.

For them, what was presented as a challenge to the world and the opportunity that the plans that had been that were broken in the past was reason enough not to show signs of weakness; everything returns, life flows and summons you to move on, not to stop believing that the unity of humans is a renewal and constant breath. 

The struggle of Rolando Alberto’s group had focused on the tasks of the earth, life needed to be sustained in its roots and later in the great projects towards the stars, but there were too many people interested in preserving their attributions, stable relationships of which they got their resources and their strengths. That is why, more than ever, they understood that it was not the time to falter, it was obvious that Paula was part of that dynamism, but her health was declining.

Frint is the one who chooses Ontyl to start one of the procedures that they used during interstellar travel, the procedure would have to be adapted to the conditions inherent to Paula’s pathology. The preparation will not be used to reduce the brain pulse to the maximum, they will have to adapt their equipment and they will have to invade very delicately the brain of an earthling, whom they all admire and wish to keep alive for as long as possible in stable conditions; beating a metastasis was not an easy thing, trying was the best they could do. 

Ontyl decided to accept Karina Ballesteros, who receives training to recognize the reading of the nano-suppressor, a totally new processes for an earthling, she understood that what she saw on the reading monitor was not Eggyan language, but it was a scientific language that has been shared in various galaxies under a name was called Endelferg that allowed the development of cross-sectional research between different groups of intergalactic inhabitants. It was difficult to understand anyway, but she put all her concentration to train herself properly.

Where was Karina from? She is Chilean, a friend of Braulio who called her urgently and urged her to stop everything she was doing and meet them at the Barilli villa, she never imagined that she would understand a delicate task, never practiced before on planet Earth.

The dream of a better world was not for everyone, it was not for the Eggyans, but those who managed to travel to our Milky Way would do whatever was in their power to ensure that there was evidence of that struggle to rescue what matters.

Little by little Paula recovered her strength, grateful for the time that Eggyan’s advances allowed her to enjoy the affection of her friends, feeling the great joy of recognizing them as endearing.

Dreams are a portal through which we travel in search of hope and the brightness of a new dawn, reaching it is a challenge, in which some stop believing, fortunately, daring always finds alternatives.

Author’s drawing: «Ontyl’s assertive look»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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