Crossing the portal or falling into the abyss

The beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

In Mexico City, the Felguerez Galafik house was full of happiness, Sofía prepared the favourite cake of her daughter-in-law Citlali, cake with strawberries and chocolate, the reception was waiting for the group of 28, everything was expected and exciting.

Sofía prepared the favourite cake of her daughter-in-law Citlali

Citlali felt renewed as if the presence of her daughter in her body fortified her and gave her reason to feel full of energy. Zila arrived with his father and his mother-in-law who was returning from a trip to the north of the country, pleased to have her daughter back on planet Earth; Thirty-one people would witness what Zila would reveal to them from his long and fascinating talk with the Eggyans.

The vast majority arrived with a gift for the married couple whose pregnancy had modified many of their interests and activities, at the moment the issue of Citlali returning to the international lunar platform was not discussed, the doctor had recommended rest for the first three months for avoid surprises that could catch them off guard.

Ana Pérez Riv arrived with a gift in her hands and pointed out:

– In a few weeks the baby will let you know its gender, but since you want to keep it a secret, please will not open my gift until its delivery.

The couple looked at her with a knowing smile and Zila winked at the dean who was pleased by the presence of all the attendees.

The table talk accompanied by the delicious chocolate and strawberry cake left many questions in the audience, especially when it was mentioned that thanks to the brains of driedens many of them had the opportunity to cross the portal.

Ana Perez Riv deduced that it was impressive what the mind can do to matter and meditated on the issue of the «Intergalactic Federation» considering that many of them should not be only entities absent from matter, since there was evidence of those who had managed to cross the portal.

Some questioned themselves with deep seriousness the causes that prevented Barderian from crossing like the others; In this, Zila made a clear and precise deduction:

– The woman he loved with deep passion was prey to paralysis and we already know what that represented for her life expectancy. I do not doubt that he has offered his own life jumping into the void in search of the slightest hint of light that she left.

Citlali hugged him tenderly, without a doubt that would make a passionate lover in the face of the loss of his greatest love.

Gala, who was part of the mystical leaders present there, expressed her doubt regarding how they used the brain of the driedens seeking compatibility with those who were not and what technique they would use to concentrate that power in a bio-connector.

Ariedré, resolutely argued that without a doubt that was the question that everyone wanted to know and pointed out: «Perhaps the technical or more sophisticated part of this innovation belongs to the knowledge of the neuroscientist Ontyl»; Does anyone intuit the reason why they remain in Mar del Plata?

Most, including Ana, silently shook their heads in negative sign, she added:

– It is exciting to know that two direct descendants of Driedens are among the Eggyans; for them, the baby of Zila and Citlali would be precise that a scion or Drienden; Doesn’t the detail that the ship has offered for the person who required it seems distinctive? Maybe they knew about the pregnancy.

– Citlali put both hands to her mouth in surprise and recognized that the dean’s intuition was the most perceptive.

Zila said that they found, thanks precisely to their intuition, the right people to carry out their plans, simple people who had been fighting for years to create that human bond between the beings of the planet and felt gratified that they were all within that peculiar group.

Ana Perez Riv made a reflection that left everyone present thoughtful:

– It is important to recognize that when we start the disseminating ritual we invoke the most distant root that gives us belonging on this planet, I have the impression that in the galactic plane that they move that sign of permanence is diluted, the unit is no longer linked to the ancestors, but the human as an entity of light.

Zila reflected on it and remembered that recurring dream that sometimes was repeated with some insistence and recognized that perhaps for that reason he affirms himself as a man of the Earth and established a point of reference unlike them who no longer had a place of reference.

Perhaps we never recognize those we imagine as part of our roots in that plane of consciousness, it is a question that is not easy to take off and  

perhaps it is only part of our intuition but not of reality as such.

Alig, Zila’s father felt that many of the comments exceeded his understanding of reality and expressed his admiration for being part of a family where magic enveloped their days and gave a valuable tone to each sunrise.

All of them shared their doubts and questions, fascinating reflections that would lead them by the hand on a journey where the recognition of the unknown would amaze them.

Photo Chocolate and Strawberries Cake by Pinterest

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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