The past: Useful to reinvent ourselves, never to anchor us

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Zila contacted Vidra to notify her that the group of 28 were aware of the details that were entrusted to her; now they just hoped to schedule the next appointment.

Taige argued that it should be before the meeting in Vienna, where they would be given their passports, in an event that would distinguish them as the first aliens to carry them, and without a doubt, they were all summoned, a privilege that together with their Asgardian residence credential. They would be a mandatory step and at the same time an official act that formalized their stay on Earth.

So it was not necessary to wait many days before this appointment will be presented and everyone agreed to celebrate it at the home of Dean Ana Pérez Riv. Zila requested that his wife be present since this event was important for him to remain in the brain of his baby, everyone agreed happily.

Vidra introduced the talk of that day, complex and tense moments would be described in the scientists’ work:  

– At that time, the researcher and head of the group of scientists, Raudek Vilob, knew that her time was limited when she realized that her Leg began to crawl without wanting to, it was a matter of days before his paralysis was total and she decided to call the group of 9, since from the moment Yertei arrived, who you now know was my father; would stay with them. Raudek spoke to them of the great responsibility that weighed on all of them:

<None of us knows what will be our destiny, it depends entirely on the work we achieve, soon I will not be able to make dissections, not even graphics, beyond those that the computer allow me, I ask for all your support, and please, not a single word to Barderian, he is recovering from his discomforts and burns and does not need to be distracted, he may intuit with  my age, younger than his, the syndrome it will be  present, but it´s better for everyone, do not say anything to him>

The synergy work between the drieden and the following test was of great importance, as they recognized the brain as an organ with electricity and magnetism, they considered the least invasive work possible, which allowed changing the dynamics of brains that did not have drieden characteristics, in this way the following test was carried out:

Ingerin Barderian and VF team, test number 4:

Step number one: Compatibility of tej gone for the link; between the encephalic mass of drieden and common brain.

Step number two: astrocytes form scar tissue that can serve as a connector between an inert brain and a dry brain. Monitoring of illumination between both brains, consider the brain test of a living being.

Step Three: Ependymal cells help form part of the pathway through which cerebrospinal fluid circulates. They can generate efficient feedback. Once the brain substance potential drieden has been injected, take intuitive impulse brain measurements from both subjects.

Step number four: In the normal test subject it will be necessary to create an incision to place the cerebrospinal fluid, a micro-incision through the nasal cavity is recommended. Remote control to create a path or path of impulses.

Most of the subjects who volunteered were those who wanted to regain mobility and many problems arose there, cases of something similar to what is known here on Earth as myoclonus, that is, jerky movements, and in severe cases patients were lost. ; Despite knowing the risk, the volunteers were not lacking and many of their arguments were of extraordinary force:

<I come to this place because we do not have time to know if the limit between life and death is now or in a few months and if it is discovered something that enhances the journey of some, I put my body at the service of research>

Yertei, my father managed to communicate with some of them and share thoughts and modulate their heart rate; Among the drieden, it is easy to interact, the difficult thing was to involve someone without that skill and get the desired response.

When the report was sent to Barderian, he immediately communicated to Ontyl that to achieve the tests he should focus on the pilots, magnetizing the brains of those who could reach the portal in ideal conditions, if this word were the right one, since in the, In reality, no condition that would put the body of a living being under extreme pressure could be considered possible.

Ontyl recognized that it was not only to magnetize with dry influence to the brains since it was necessary to suppress the cerebral impulses; the less activity, the less wear, and tear, that idea was of great help.

Under this premise, Ontyl is now trying to stop brain metastasis in the body of a very special person for all of us, Rolando Alberto’s wife.

For most of the group of 28, what has explained to them was impressive, so Sofía asked the question:

– Under normal conditions, we can influence other humans, intuitively and definitely with the full awareness that we can do it among ourselves, with who we have trained the brain to interact and I imagine it is the same from Drieden between Drieden. But you introduced cellular material through the nose of a living being trying to avoid a syndrome that was genetically affecting a large part of the population; Were there other attempts to invade the brain under the pressure of time?

Yilia decided to answer his question:

– It was inevitable and necessary to find an invasive resource to make our bodies reduce their functions to a minimum with precise cerebral impulses; We have found information on something that resembles this condition in normal environments here on Earth, the closest thing is called Tibetan meditation, but we don’t know if it is possible in space. In our case, we name it bio-connector and its target is the neocortex, responsible for the neural computations of attention, thought, opinion, and episodic memory.

We had to reinvent ourselves, stop being what we were and that was not easy at all, to get to perfect it over time, I suffered from it closely when Taige decided that it was time to do what had to be done.

What are we made of to change what prevents us from being something else? That was one of the most complex actions, and at the same time, an impulse trying not to lose the last hope.

Photograph of the parts of the brain

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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