It is not possible to travel to the past, you can only represent it

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

In particular, I would like to be by Ontyl’s side, but since I do not have his physical presence and in the full knowledge that we are both drieden, I can ask him to guide me from a distance, without using conventional channels to transmit to you this critical part of the story, Vidra argument.

Under the principle of causality, we know that every cause must precede effects and it is not the other way around, what we are trying to do has no turning back and no possibility of deep analysis in the face of the reality that hit us head-on.

What for Professor Zila, here present, meant using the resource of magic, for us, it was to put it as a representative of applied science and that was what was done, the team of scientists who were advised by a special being, my dad.

We knew that there was only one chronological line within the universal laws, this placed us before a violent recognition: We are finite, we can only represent ourselves from what we can keep in the silicon files, what we treasure in the Murdorian crystal, as entities alive, defeat was certain.

Ontyl has to guide me in this part so that you can understand more technical matters: The answer is found in the temporal curves and the only ones capable of bending them were the drieden vectors.

Before sending the report, Barderian sent us his acknowledgement of receipt with a modification, slight but significant for all the scientists and Yertei, my father:

When he drew the symbol on a paper at the table where they all met, the surprise Zila was capitalized and exclaimed:

Professor Zila confuses the Eggyan symbol with the Algiz rune

– But this symbol is the Algiz rune, according to the ancients announced privileged information received directly from the Gods, it is a clear reference to the protection that magical entities used through this form of communication. Although imminent dangers lurk, you will be warned in time to save yourself, your property or your loved ones.

Surprised Vidra rectified Professor Zila, it is amazing what he tells us is a concept of the vector space of an isolated system and we do not know if it makes sense to humans, but for that reason, our starships were named Mega Vectors Egg … Of course is the translation, I do not know if the term vector is the closest thing, we try to translate it in the best way to understand each other.

The central idea was to assemble an isolated system and reduce it to its minimum expression, taking into account that only what we cannot see can cross dynamic fields.

Zila again exclaimed with deep admiration and astonishment at Vidra and Ontyl’s comments:

– You are describing to us the principle of quantum physics applied to a living being!

Vidra looked at Professor Zila and immediately afterwards turned her head to the side, the callsign that received information from Ontyl:

– Ontyl acknowledges that his argument is extremely logical.

Zila realized that the day he analyzed the video of that interview with his students, it was proof that they received information from a distant environment and their connections were extremely precise, so if they were put in total isolation, they would lose their ability, interacting with each other and raised the question:

– Please answer me, have all of you stopped being individuals, unique entities?

Vidra smiled and recognized with the group of eggyans that the professor’s insight was fascinating and only affirmed assisting with her head, adding:

– The bio-connector did not work in the same way in all, it required what Raudek deduced as compatibility already that surprise activated in many channel brains that had to be turned off and only those minds with a balance between chaos and stability could undergo the test without losing their lives.

Building an implant was not easy between trial and error, many volunteers went on to form what we call process matter, somehow their deaths were necessary to form the suppressor and modifier network. 

The material could not be an instrument of a material alien to the natural structure of the individual in the process; Ontyl request me to point out clearly that each of us is made of the same material as the stars and that was our victory and also a peculiar vision towards eternity.

They all looked at each other in surprise and the mystical leaders understood that their struggle to recognize themselves in the dynamics of the universe was not in vain. It was still necessary to know what happened when Taige decided to test herself in a challenge of no return where there were only two paths: Live or die.

Every pioneer in the history of mankind when he has thrown himself into the void, chasing a dream, an adventure; recognizes that uncertainty accompanies him and in front of him, there is always the dim light of hope.

Author´s draw «The Algiz symbol»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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