Perceiving and intuiting is not a matter of chance

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Ana Perez Riv, offered Citlali a sofa so that she could lie down and be aware of the conversation that was taking place with the attentive spirit of all those present, during those pauses, Citlali remembered as if it were a flash of light in her mind the comments of Zila who had given her a book by a man named William Walker Atkinson, who had been born, in Baltimore, Maryland, December 5, 1862 and his death took place in Los Angeles, California, on November 22, 1932; He was a lawyer, merchant, publisher, writer, occultist, and pioneer of the movement known as the New Thought

Zila, her husband had told her that it was not a thought that could be considered new, ancestrally helped magicians and teachers to recognize and encourage themselves in complex tasks, she had even memorized and remembered some paragraphs of Atkinson’s arguments:

We spoke of the Law of Universal Gravitation, but we ignore that this too is a wonderful manifestation of the law of attraction. We are familiar with that manifestation of the Law that attracts and holds together the atoms that shape the matter; We recognize the power of the law that draws bodies to the earth, that holds planets in place, but we close our eyes to the powerful law that draws to us the things we want or fear, the things that create or ruin our lives.

When we realize that Thought is a force – a manifestation of energy – that has the magnetic power of attraction, we begin to understand the reason for many things that until then were unknown. There are no proofs that compensate the student more for the time invested than the study of the operation of this powerful Law of the Thought World: the Law of Attraction.

Citlali recognized the Zila´s power exercised mentally over her and, surprised, realized that it was not something exclusive to humans on Earth, but without a doubt, there was a notable difference between what some humans had achieved with the power of their mind and those considered driedens or mystical leaders to the brainpower of the renowned mystical leaders with whom they communicated.

It was possible to intuit, perceive and even marry an idea, something that was not a matter of chance and a core part of the training that Zila carried out with her students. He glanced sideways and realized that many of them were now on the path of mystical leadership. She lovingly caressed her belly with the certainty that she would be the mother of a special being like all those in front of her.

Vidra approached her and offered her the tray of sandwiches that the group of students had prepared and smiled sympathetically; for Citlali they all read what she thought, at least she imagined it to be that way.

Vidra sat down again and inclined her head in that peculiar way that indicated that Ontyl was mentally attentive to her again and the story continued:

– Not all of us had the ability and the drieden training, we knew that their abilities were achieved with mere concentration. to lower the pulsations of their hearts to a minimum, among other matters that I imagine on the Earth, you have to grasp it as a matter of magic.

Ana Perez Riv clarified that many magicians are considered frauds and scammers who play with illusions and are jugglers and the seriousness that true magic entails, was not seen in much social media as something to take seriously.

Vidra listened to her attentively and pointed out that in Eggya the taste for entertainment had been lost, from the moment they discovered in the drieden the power to collaborate for social benefit, there was no time to look at them as part of a show, on the contrary, they were protected and encouraged, it was by beings like my father and Ontyl’s mother that the distraction of musical events was prohibited since they were the cause of loss of sensory attention in more specific matters.

The big question then was: How do we achieve that without being driedens, we can accompany ourselves with their sensitivity and skills?  Professor Zila, you know that talent is required, but also training like the one you impart to your students, reaching the light of understanding is not an easy matter.

Zila simply nodded, waiting for that vital and interesting part of the story. Each one of those present was mentally trying to understand how the bio-connector forever modified what is known as an individual being among the Eggyans.

Reflective Vidra pointed out that Yertei, his father had contacted Ontyl in Eggya to tell him that they would need something more than a micro-incision through the nasal route to achieve the objective in a shorter time and that is how they considered the next step with the Exposed cranial cavity into which they introduced drieden cells with an important branch of dendrites with a drieden to see which parts of the neocortex they were going to.

The skill of a neurosurgeon could achieve what was necessary and that was undoubtedly Ontyl and his assistant Frint, who as you all know is still in Iquique following up on the international conference that took place a few weeks ago. There was a group that would meet in Frankfurt, but before his call, we postponed that trip where an Asgardian named Stefan waiting for us.

Was were many questions and all of them will surprise the audience with the understanding of a method that was innovative and challenging under the circumstances.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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