Love is an anchor, trust, your arrow

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Vidra looked closely at Taige and continued with the story that everyone kept expectant since when she contacted Ontyl and told him what they had in mind, he went to the hospital to discuss it with Barderian, where Taige visited him every day.

Barderian was excited as he remembered when he injected fluid from a Drieden medulla oblongata, his body boosted the energy he needed to withstand that fierce journey and if they were able to see the sites are chosen by dendrites in a living brain, whose patient If you were able to answer questions on the spot about every one of your sensations, it would be very helpful.

In this regard, Taige who is now with us said that she wanted to be a subject of the test since she was a pilot, Vidra observed Tai who immediately added:

– Certainly, but Barderian with a reproving gesture pointed at me with his finger whose hand is still was with bandages and bluntly said:

<No way, you are the prototype, not the proof! >

Already in the laboratory work, two things happened, Ontyl tells me right now, Vidra pointed out:

Ingerin Barderian and VF team, test number 5:

Step number one: Compatibility of tissues for bonding; between drieden and common brain mass: Surgeon Ontyl creates a hole in the skull and removes a piece called a bone flap.

Step number two: Tools placed through the endoscope and illumination monitoring between both brains, follow the path of the drieden cells.

Step three: Ependymal cells help form part of the pathway through which the cerebrospinal fluid of both brain substances circulates. 

Step number 4: Assess whether there is efficient feedback. Once the drieden dendrite potential is injected, take intuitive impulse brain measurements from both subjects.

Step number 5: Write down the patient’s responses and each of their sensations.

Diagnosis of the first patient: The dendrites were concentrated in the planning, that means frontal areas, and in the imagination area, that is, in the occipital areas.

1.- Question: Can we reduce all your vital impulses to the maximum?

Answer: Yes

2.- Question: What should be the best way to pass through a stargate?

Answer: Vector with extreme mass reduction

3.- Question: What are the potential risks?

Answer: Fall into the Ginun, lose consistency, atomize the known matter 

4.- Question: Can you give me alternatives?

Answer: There is not, proceed if nothing exists has been named.

At that moment we understood absolutely nothing of the last answer but the term proceed, do it resonated in our brains.

We did not get the paralyzed subjects to have mobility but we had the opportunity to house many drieden dendrites in them, they became tenacious advisers and with special abilities. Vidra repeated Ontyl’s words with precision and later she spoke again:

According to Barderian’s drawing, we noticed that space curves thanks to gravity, but we had to break it to penetrate the portal, in terrestrial terms the vector as a space module had to be fired in one direction and in the direction of deep space in a ship with the possibility of reconverting based on molecular decompression, depreciating the matter in inversion and achieving that it was recovered in the direct way or the one already known.

Citlali had the opportunity to see this procedure when we arrived at the international lunar station, we increased the size of the spacecraft to land properly.

Citlali took the opportunity to ask:

– Is it possible to reduce more the size of what we saw from the moon?

Vidra looked at Taige and with a smile pointed out:

– Of course, Taige could keep it in a portfolio so as not to be discovered, to which Tai replied:

– The problem was when I needed equipment and at the Barilli house, it was impossible. give an explanation that was credible when they realized it, I will never forget that moment, they were very understanding with me.

Ramagel with great curiosity questioned Taige, he wanted to know how she became the prototype and what risks she experienced at that time.

Taige looked at his beloved Yilia and took him by the hand to answer:

– When the base was already in place to make the flight, Barderian told me:

<Then get in touch with Yilia and I’m afraid but you must tell him this: you’ll have to say goodbye.>

Each one of us recognizes its arrow and its anchor.

I answered him: I will not do it, I love him, I trust you; love is a fascinating bond, it is the anchor of every couple, our place does not allow that, now I must trust to launch myself in the arrow, the vector that will put me on an uncertain path if I fall into Ginun, that will my farewell.

The group remained silent before Taige’s comment, Zila put his hand in his mouth, there were so many questions and each one of them involved a dramatic moment for each of them, the travelers of a world annihilated by the forces of the cosmos.

Every detail brings us closer to the light of a path never traveled, where the imagination feeds with vitality that which we are passionate about as creative beings, each one of us recognizes its arrow and its anchor.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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