The greatest reward in the hall of death

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Taige when expressing that comment looked with tenderness and love at the eyes of her beloved Yilia and remembered something that she did not say to anyone,  they were precisely the words of Barderian before the answer she gave him:

<In something we are alike dear Taige, we are two crazy lovers that we can never be next to the person we love due to circumstances, but we lead them as an indelible mark forever>

Barderian said to Taige:

<In something we are alike dear Taige, we are two crazy lovers that we can never be next to the person we love due to circumstances, but we lead them as an indelible mark forever>

Professor Zila suddenly understood that all human pain does not fit in the feeling of an Eggyan when losing his root world and searching for words with some difficulty, he finally got to the point:

– I figure out there were many deceased who were lost in the immensity of the cosmos trying that incredible and dangerous attempt, could you explain that part of the story to us, I must understand that many of the words that support your story are the closest to our understanding, the translator is impressive, it is also the age we observe of all of you after such a long journey.

At that they knocked on the door of Dean Perez Riv, they were Braulio and Frint who had just arrived from Chile and they hugged with great joy, after the presentations, Yilia asked Braulio to comment to all those present about his experience with the bioconnector.

Braulio sat down, took a sip of the delicious coffee with cinnamon that Ana prepared, and warned:

– I must confess that in the long run, I have managed to capture details that at that time did not correspond to the translation, well says Professor Zila, our Eggyan friends They look for words that achieve the similarity and give us a general context of a reality that we can hardly imagine but that memory I have alive as if it had been yesterday. I remember saying to Tai:

(Let’s go to the stage as Braulio lived it)

-I put myself in your hands, Tai, from now on -announced Braulio, slapping him hard on the back of the neck

Tai answered him seriously in front of the group in Mar del Plata: 

– For me this answer is a step towards intimacy, friend, you have decided to give me your essence so as not to lose me.

-Karina looked at them with tremulous emotion, her eyes flickered with tears, her friend willingly agreed to put something on his head in an act of loyalty and friendship towards an alien.

Braulio was excited about the experience since he would be the first Earthman with an alien device in his body:

-Verify me, I will be able to understand emotions that I cannot conceive, I don’t know what I can achieve but I thank everyone so much. Let’s move on to the procedure …

Tai nodded and without delay began:

She took out a sharp syringe without a receptacle for liquids and withdrew its connector from the back of her head, near the cerebellum, took it with an instrument, to look at it through a lens and separated a portion of it and said aloud:

This part contains traits of my genetic memory, when coming into contact with Brany’s cells, I suppose there will be a fusion to create a linked world of ideas, composed of both memories.

Paula smiled and commented: This is similar to what happens when a stem cell is touched by the genetic arsenal of another being, you remember biotechnologists, who have turned other living beings into resistant machines against pests and insecticides that could exterminate all a plot of strong fruit. In our world, genetic engineering was highly criticized until a few decades ago.

-Perhaps Paula, in a certain way the life of planet Earth is a mirror of the achievements of other worlds from the human perspective, the fauna, and flora, they are also living beings. This is not far from the conception that is thousands of light-years away.

Tai recovered her bioconnector, placing it in the back of her brain, with the syringe in her hand, she went to Braulio, placed the bio-connector on his arm, centimeters below his shoulder; his friend shuddered at the metallic cold on his skin and then nothing; apparently nothing.

It will take one to three hours to see the first symptoms, I can not give you any antecedents, the bioconnector that I have was placed in my early childhood, several centuries ago.

Taige clarified to the group regarding the last sentence mentioned by Braulio that although it was in some way true, the reality is that within her being there was not a unique Eggyan inhabited as they had already mentioned before, given the need to preserve ourselves, we had was recourse to contain in ourselves the dendrites of a significant number of Eggyans who could not travel individually and that we managed to mix with the genetic material of the Drieden, we enhanced their vitality and at the same time, they helped us to remain of a reasonable age during the trip.

Frint intervened in that part as a connoisseur and specialist of the brain issue:

– The brain is the one that directs its electrical pulses to the spinal cord, the spinal nerve of a living being consists of 31 pairs of nerves, in our case the multiplicity is very higher.

We could say with all property that the hall of death, chose to reward us uniquely and we can divide it into inner dendrite and diffuse and amber dendrite, about the second, Vidra can explain it in enough detail.

Do you remember the message that all of you heard in the celebration of your ritual? they were sent a message to all of you during the ritual that they performed in this beautiful house.

The astonishment was present among all the attendees, some of them with clear signs of exhaustion, the dawn was advancing and Ana addressed the group:

– Dear Frint, thank you for your words to my beloved home, I imagine that it would be good for you to rest, I notice exhaustion in many of those present, I offer them my rooms.

Most agreed with a grateful smile, without a doubt the world opened a window to the unknown that somehow resembled eternity.

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Reference of the color text: Crystal Galaxy novel by Ariadne Gallardo Chapter 4, Friends and reunions, subtitle: How and where to take off?

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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