Our star fades, but my passion never

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

In Ana Pérez’s house, everything was movement at breakfast time, fruit, juice, coffee, some fritters bathed with cranberry sauce were celebrated by diners with pleasure. Daniel indicated that they will continue with the conversations but they had to decide in the same way how they will proceed before the authorities, they did not trust in spreading what had been said among themselves.

Frint commented that the most difficult part was to be explained to the Asgardian friends and all those who were part of that meeting and urged Vidra to continue the talk:

– According to what my father said, the eggyana pointed out, what we can translate as a launched arrow or vector had to be reduced to the size of a human body and the work of the dendrites of the Drieden beings would be aimed at minimizing brain damage in the face of the burst of speed that they had to inject into the ships at the same time enter through the portal analyzed by Barderian; Those who cross it should follow the route of what you know as the Cepheus spur.

At that time it was decided to name that space The Barderian Corridor, the matter did not depend entirely on the skill of the pilots, since as it was well analyzed with infrared waves there were times when the birth of stars prevented adequate access and pulverized what will find on the way.

Raudek Vilob’s body deteriorated more and more and with the help of the assistants she arranged to leave a message for Barderian, she forcibly wanted it to be his handwriting; She also made a kind of diagram using terms sondonite, as you know words that were found in the space probes that arrived from Earth. 

The message that Raudek left to Barderian in Sondonite language for him to share in his new habitat when recovering a new life

When we arrived at Earth, we noticed that they were not necessarily the appropriate terms, for example when she pointed out ramifications, she used the term Deer, we have found that there is an animal with branching antlers, perhaps that word was not the right; as you can see in the hologram, she used the word Netf, to describe the networks that flow between the Drieden and the beings without those qualities; Edegyas is what you know as alleles, between productive beings and those who had been sterile, she wanted to explain to him that it did not matter sexual life was not relevant, the most important in the voyage it will be cerebral; the terms Go and End, describing the course and purpose; for her, the part that narrowed was the portal reducing the size of the ship and the brain of the subjects on the trip; it cost him a lot of work.

Each Gylenty, that is to say in your language each Dendrite, managed to enable us to mobilize to this place, what Raudek was most concerned about was that Barderian understood that he had all the possibilities to undertake the journey and start a different life. He did not count on him knowing her dead, he would have no reason to go on, forgetting his greatest passion was impossible, when our star died he was willing to die too.

At that moment, Zila and Citlali strongly held hands, who had already sensed some of this in a previous talk. Vidra asked Frint to explain the rest of the sequence of events since he was at that time in Eggya with Ontyl and the pioneer Barderian:

– It was precisely I who received the notification of Vilob’s death, the team requested the presence from Barderian, they had to give him some notes, in truth I never saw a man like him with that strength and integrity collapse at the front of our eyes. He throws down on the ground and began to moan a heartrending cry, it was impossible to comfort him, he leaned against his knees and yelled rude words, he wondered what kind of injustice that was. It was impossible not to cry just by looking at him.

The message of his beloved Raudek put in the hands of Barderian so that he could read it to the media

Frint had to stop his speech, disoriented and confused, he tried to recover to continue with the explanation. Zila took him by the back, most of them knew the balsamic power that he possessed and in truth, at that moment Zila was very helpful.

Vidra, cleared her voice to continue with the story as her father minutes later tried to reassure Barderian over the phone, urged him to clear up and go to the Moon of Medreos. He supposed that he would encourage him to follow the task of her beloved Raudek and fulfil her wishes since she would have been very happy to think that he would live again.

However, in Barderian’s mind that possibility was nil, knowing his difficult situation Ontyl, Taige, and Frint accompanied him to the Moon of Medreos, all the way he did not say a single word, and we neither  invade his thoughts, nothing would alleviate his pain, Frint pointed out and added:

– Raudek did not want to waste time, her instructions were clear, once she died they should proceed to separate her brain from the body and revitalize it with Gylenty de Drieden; no doubt another hard blow for Barderian, who would have kissed her still dead and wanted to be alone with her.

At that moment Yertei took him by the shoulders and told him that they had to talk about the next step, Barderian had the option of inserting part of the brain of his beloved and preparing to travel sharing her vibrations with his memory to live in a different place, on getting past the Barderian corridor. She was sure that you will achieve it.

Barderian rudely shook off the hands that held him close to Vidra’s father with a heartbreaking: 

<I can’t, I refuse to do that, if she’s going to be inside me, I’ll be a sovereign of the sea of the stars! There will be no Earth or Planet to inhabit without her presence, I will not forget her by kissing another, she will save me from death and be inside me! >

Given the forcefulness of his argument, we understood over time that the sea of ​​Amber tones made him sovereign and protector of the universe. 

 Post and photos dated April 4, 2021, titled: Raudek Vilob’s Thorough Sequence Investigation; Berderian went further, contacted the Drieden from a dendrite, which for them was a Gylenty, in deceased persons and produced numerous ramifications, leading to a fascinating projection in time and space.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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