Raudek’s intimate letter to Ingerin

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Everyone present paused, the silence was not uncomfortable, but reflective and shocking. They tried to imagine the powerful Barderian commanding an impetuous force on the borders of the cosmos, carrying as a shield the passionate love of the woman who knew how to interpret their deepest dreams and with them build an encouraging future.

A message came to the phone of one of the mystical leaders, which he did not welcome, he had to inform Zila that the substitute teacher was notifying them that there was a philology exam. Zila took the phone and pointed out that her students were in an apprenticeship that would allow them to pass that subject and each of them would be able to give a lecture in class to the remaining students.

The young people smiled with that look of complicity that none of them could hide and it was like a fresh wind that did everyone well, Vidra served coffee with the help of Citlali and the pleasant and emotional talk continued:

Vidra reflects: In reality, Raudek was a woman of science and her thoughts were not passionate, so she could recognize what Barderian told her, but she loved him deeply and for the world she died fulfilling a strenuous task, making known the possibilities that existed to be able to make that intrepid journey in search of a place to dwell, if there was such a wonder.

Yertei, my father, was not going to miss anything that would happen in that laboratory on the Moon of Medreos, after the push that Barderian gave him, he approached him with a key, it was from Raudek’s private drawer, he looked in pain and said no more.

It would have been very difficult for my father not to have known about that letter, he could reach the thoughts of Ingerin Barderian, as so many other Drieden had done, his overflowing passion was an outcry that sang in the heads of each one of them, thus my father even said it on occasion and I believe it, I believe that the transparency in the mind of that pioneer was captivating for many.

That letter was brief but written with a lot of feeling:

My beloved, Ingerin, shining star of my darkest nights:

You know well that with time I will not be able to see myself rewarded with life, like most of us who fall prey to this unfortunate disease; my leg began to weaken and it is a matter of days for the diagnosis to be fulfilled.

I want to thank you for all the love messages you wrote me, they gave me wings to discover a hidden code in each one of them; to turn on a light through the unknown path where we can consolidate the impossible, make it visible and allow others to look with new eyes at the hope that is now breaking us.

I want you to find love, it is always possible to look in another direction and discover the brightness in the eyes of others, make them beat, smile. I will be in your mind but I will not be alone, I have to meet all those who will follow us, who will have understood your message and will form a valuable network to face a new beginning.

Allow me to look at that world that we still do not know through your eyes, give me that gift, the house of the future where you will smile again and captivate others with your unique way of being.

You will find the way, I can assure you, you will continue to shine like a central star in all my moments, your love is the energy that will never go out even when the star of our system in Eggya has decided that its moment is over.

Yours, lovingly Raudek Vilob

We keep this letter as a transcription of my father’s mind, we translated it last night for all of you and it is in the holographic archives.

Barderian has allowed Raudek to see many worlds, all those that are isolated or inhabited in the universe, the homes of beings full of hope to preserve their culture and technology. Barderian has been a beacon for every planet sailing in the wide sea of ​​stars as he pointed out.

However, he indeed received help from a group that until now we do not know if it is led by a sovereign with similar intentions, that is where you come in since that group is undoubtedly that of the ascended masters.

Vidra looked at Ana Pérez Riv and then moved her head to the place occupied by Professor Zila and thoughtfully asked: could you tell us about the enlightened teachers, did you get to know them?

Ana, with total forcefulness, affirmed: 

– They have covered with their magical, philosophical, innovative thinking, the minds of many, they have shown them the way to protect the seed of the human being and of all living beings that in the past incessantly destroyed cultures and spaces; Beyond the galactic environment, Influence the voracious thoughts and decisions, of all those who were determined to annihilate large territories and contaminate environments for the sake of individualistic achievements.

The house that we have in a place is linked to a galactic force that contains us and also has the power of devastation and can end life due to the actions of the inhabitants themselves. The ascended masters are recognized for their work in the historical step they have traced, their mind has managed to transcend and form an ethereal veil, whose force is preserved together due to the influence of the planets that revolve around our Sun, who have captured all the vibrations of human thought and their resonance have made it possible to wrap and classify behaviours, at the same time modelling them.

Beyond the dogma and beliefs that have driven certain groups with the theme of ideologizing their power, the ascended masters have freed themselves from these atavisms, uniting the values ​​whose substance humanizes us, leaving the slavery of believing in a blind faith that determines a punishment or a reward for the believer.

Ana paused and said: I could continue talking about it, but I would like to know your comments on it.

Taige looked at her with enthusiasm and argued: Dean, what you say has been a hazardous path in the land of conquerors. I am very happy to understand the value of your ideas.

We each know with certainty that our time in the world we inhabit is unique and we must sow the path with nourished thoughts of unity, to be able to transcend and be part of the force that preserves us.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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