The woman who looked at me from the mirror

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

To get to the full knowledge of what happened among that group for which Vidra asked, Professor Zila, took the floor to indicate:

– – It exists, and it existed, a being that saved the life of my genetic root, I say it with certainty since if it weren’t for her, I would not be here talking to all of you, she was not of my race, nor of any other, allowed that her true friends put a name to her.

As far as we know, she made deals with leaders, and mystical magicians, we have no record, maybe Odin imposed a tribute when she requested to know his secrets, because she had a luminous mark in one of her eyes, at the same time, she wins the respect from her friends, and followers; when she realized that she could fall into the clutches of some belief that would use her personality to make temples or invent miracles, and charge for them, then she decides transmuted to another being, to confuse them.

Among the initiates, and mystical leaders who knew her, a phrase that we know and value was spread: 

«Not for love, and not for power»

It is necessary to remember a character in the story Bede the Venerable, who saw the Christian religion in the 8th century as a unifying factor much more important than language and culture, and it was one of the factors that influenced the fall of the peoples of my genetic root, being Viking or magicians, it was synonymous with pagans, religion arranged to fight and destroy traditions. It was not the unique story that was pointed about by the woman of whom I speak, she describes this scenario as the eternal human voracity.

Ana nodded, and recognized that one of the most terrifying maneuvers of the conquerors was to consider religion as a tool of submission, the same thing happened when the Spaniards arrived in our territory, no one understood the true reason for our mysticism and how the churches indoctrinated they had the materials to do it, while they evangelized, they taught philosophy, they taught reading and writing. But no one escaped here and in the other Continent of an atrocity that they called «The Holy Inquisition»

Beatriz asked with great interest:

What was the name of the lady who defended the life of an ancestor of Professor Zila?

Sofia pointed out: Perhaps no one will ever know her real name, she vibrates in everyone’s mind to show a path as if it were a flame that does not extinguish.

Sofía answered with great confidence:

– Alnitak is his home, we do not know since when, that place has high ultraviolet radiation, but somehow there must be life or it is simply the place where the force that has protected the one who in ancient times was named by his white sister with him arises name of Fire.

Most people project their true essence by looking on others, for Alnitak her magic lies in that she reflects us, and has sought to unify us especially. Perhaps no one will ever know her real name, she vibrates in everyone’s mind to show a path as if it were a flame that does not extinguish.

I would like to imagine their first encounter in the vastness of the cosmos with your group, without a doubt it must have been plagued with doubts and fears; but she is a strategist and I know that she encourages those who know how to recognize on her and recognize themselves in her.

Without knowing it, and without even understanding it, each temple praises the eternal flame, the ancients lit a bonfire to dialogue and tell each other secrets, to ask the saints for a favor, people light candles.

We summarize in Alnitak a power that enhanced the light of her knowledge, although that she doesn’t like to be valued as a unique leader or worthy of that recognition, but as the instrument to create paths and build bridges.

Those present were silent, thoughtful, astonished, they understood that unifying humanity in a single fire had not been easy and they were happy to understand that the age of barbarism no longer inhabited humanity in the current year 2287, an amazing journey where the greatest enemy of another human had been precisely someone of the same species desiring his possessions.

Let us remember readers that moment when the armies unite on the threshold of the Barderian Corridor:

<Your army is powerful, I was impressed, Barderian >

vibrates the point where we place the dendrite of the daring adventurer with force when he exclaims with another electrifying impulse:

<The yours is numerous, I am surprised Sorceress>

The voice of the red dot like the garnet answers eloquently:

<It has been difficult to understand human voracity all these centuries, let’s fight together to give them more time in the System that I inhabited since time ago the changes are slow >

The yellow light is strengthened with energy and its power makes both formations vibrate:

<Sorceress, let us trust, divide into two skinny ones, using the art of deviation we will attack with all the power against the rocks that attempt destruction>

The sorceress that inhabits the dendrite of red tones like garnet shakes her group is with a phrase that we will never forget and that centuries ago the alchemist pronounced for her :

<Be amazed to be bearers of light!>

Bibliographic reference:

John Haywood’s Men from the North, Lindisfarne, Athelney, and York Chapter: Vikings in England, 789-954 Subtitle: The Unification of England, p. 115

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Photo «Fire nebula» ESO/IDA/Danish 1.5 m/R. Gendler, J.-E. Ovaldsen, C. Thöne and C. Féron – ESO

CC BY 4.0

File:Flame Nebula NGC 2024.jpg Creado el: 5 de octubre de 2009

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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