How do you explain the concept of religion to an alien?

The Beginnings 

The Bridge. Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Algyen had been left with a phrase that seemed incomprehensible to him «Inquisition» and asked the group:

– Please explain to me what concept the ancient settlers had to make Dibra, a force that should be imposed and if you were against it, it was necessary to kill you, I can’t understand that.

The eggyan stressed, for us, Dibra is a concept of spirituality, it is that moment when you can reflect in the other all your humanistic, spiritual strength to understand the needs of the other. I figure that is what you explain to us as the image of God, for us Dibra.

Anon, one of the mystical leaders present there, just a graduate student in Professor Zila’s philosophy class, listened with concentration, at the moment he pointed out with total certainty:

– Algyen, Eggyan friends; to answer this question, we must go very far in the history of humanity to a place called Nazareth, where a young man was born who understood the inequality of his people and became one of the first revolutionaries whose ideals were precisely those that humans saw at the time. another as its reflection; for the rulers in turn their ideas were a declared affront to the conservation of their hierarchies, where they had the power to be monarchs for something that was known as «Divine Designation» a well-organized subterfuge that gave them power over men and their possessions.

Years later, his personality was the flag of great battles of the most bloodthirsty to sustain the faith of Christians in the so-called “Crusades”

This man called Jehovah, for other  Yeshua, Ieshu or Jesus,  was murdered in the cruelest way imaginable, his followers needed him so that their ideals would not die and within their scarce resources and knowledge of the cosmic order, they gave an answer to his example, resurrecting his presence in the collective imagination.

Years later, his personality was the flag of great battles of the most bloodthirsty to sustain the faith of Christians in the so-called “Crusades”; support of ostentatious monuments that legalized the power of God on Earth in the figure of the ecclesiastical monarch who would occupy the papacy.

Rituals called masses were offered where a series of verses were repeated in a language only for connoisseurs, Latin, and this that I comment was repeated later in the language of each nation, the verses to adore and venerate God the father, the lavish culture of the church and its choirs sustained its rituals for almost two and a half centuries.

He did not write and it was his followers who put his words on paper, these were later modified according to the interests of the Monarchs in abbeys, He did not need temples richly decorated in gold and other precious metals, nor to repeat identical verses each end During the week in the masses that were offered around the planet, he only needed to meet with the people and talk to them about equitable conduct with their fellow men, about a serene understanding where war has no place.

In more recent times people no longer rebuild churches, breaking the structure of the Vatican, the seat on Earth of God’s power, gave way to understanding thanks to Latin American papal successors who understood that that man from Nazareth had given a diametrically opposite message to what the powerful in turn did.

If perhaps the Nazarene became an ascended being and could see the barbarism that they did in his name, I recognize that alongside sorcerers like Alnitak and others, they have not stopped fighting to penetrate the magical thinking of beings that push humanity to a way of seeing the relationships between them differently.

Currently, in this year 2287 people meet in socialization centers to remember the philosophy of theologians and make comparisons with other thinkers, finding a point of convergence; some are purists and only specialize in their own way of looking at their Dibra as you have said; We no longer contemplate the Pope in a sumptuous mansion, that place is now a museum and research center for the sciences and humanities.

Ana Perez Riv, clearly analyzed some thoughts that she herself had when remembering the ceremonial Tzompantli of the ancient Aztecs and placing her hand firmly on the table she pointed out:

– Penetrate the dark scene that allows us to see the light at the end of a deep cave flooded with fear, bewilderment, and ignorance, possibly it has not been easy for anyone, between mistakes and successes we see the weak fall, we see the subjects and servants obey and those who understand that the human is not a servant to worship emerge to no one, but a builder of freedoms to be part of the flame of knowledge.

The glances of encouragement from the visitors and their Asgardian colleagues, the mystical leaders present there, smiled, pleased by the richness of each of the reflections poured there on that historic day.

The world has been eager to repeat rituals, considering them its bastion of security without understanding that to advance as humans we need a different dynamic.

Photo The names Joshua and Jeshua in Hebrew writing with «taggim»

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