The shocking moment that no one witnessed

The Beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Barderian with the shattered soul proceeded to dissect the brain of Raudek Vilob, the love of his life and giver of the vital energy that allowed him to energize every adventure, trip, endeavor, however difficult it was, she was like his vibrant light, in every task that he did, she allowed him to achieve the impossible always.

With the support of Yertei and Ontyl and advised by the entire team installed on the Moon of Medreos, they proceeded to the surgery, Barderian knew that he had to return to Eggya and spread the message of Vilob, it was important that the people knew it and were prepared by the time it all came to an end

Everyone will remember  Barderian’s depressing look, trying to be strong so as not mourn out in front of the cameras, only those close to him understood what all that was about, for other people their intuition pointed out everything they were going through, in general, there was not a day that it was not known that some other territory near the central star was dying or exploding, causing clouds of dust and falling rocks that had once been beautiful planting landscapes, literally death fell in pieces from the skies.

His last warning was to indicate that he would undertake the trip to the place with the key to the portal of stars, which he had already told them in advance, his success would prevent him from returning and his failure would not allow him to let know to anyone, he noticed them that he entrusted the future maneuvers in the hands of the team of pilots, among which were Yilia and Taige.

When he fulfilled the last wish of his beloved Raudek Vilop, head down he went to the shed where he kept his aircraft, seized with deep nostalgia, he imagined that he would feel in his body or head the voices of each of the Drieden who now they were part of his central nervous system, which would be able to shake his marrow with the presence of Raudek, who could sense it, but it was not like that.

Each dendrite was optimally integrated into his body until they became part of his being, he could not recognize among the dendrites of  Drieden and the other normal beings that now were part of his being. Nor did he know if realized all that, what was certain is that those living beings were now the electrical interconnections within their organism.

He prepared the ship to take the leap that would remove him forever from all known, his mind was playing a charade, that kind of riddle where the closest memory was his burned body without being able to penetrate the threshold and his need to return alone, just like he had done it months ago.

This time there was no return, the affront was to die or live facing a world that he did not know, of which he knew nothing and in which perhaps he would not have the opportunity to announce it to anyone.

Reach the Threshold where there is no turning back, the options are limited, live or die

The portal was in front of him, he arranged the machine horizontally and reduced its dimensions, as close to his body perimeter; like a gust, it launched itself to penetrate that place that we know as the Cave Nebula and that would later carry with pride for each Eggyan that of the Barderian Corridor.

He felt every inch of his body burn, the fireball that was his ship was pulverized exploding into pieces, his last words were:

«My love, Raudek, we are dead with everyone else this was useless»

A cloud of gases surrounded Barderian’s body who shuddered in a terrifying moan when his limbs shattered and he heard no more from him. The ship was just pieces of red-hot metal that melted, dripping in weightless volutes into the vastness of that site that gave life to thousands of stars.

Suddenly he felt aware of being a speck surrounded by others that he could not recognize and neither did they, Barderian or what was left of him, articulated an idea in his empty ether nor whatever allowed him to still think:

“I am the shipwreck of my arrogance with all of you, we fall without knowing where and even when we float in nothingness, we sink in an eternal sway where we cease to exist, the eternal revelation of an exodus motivated us and now we are pieces of stardust in the immensity of the cosmos «

That fluid without weight, elastic, ethereal, shone turning into a swaying of golden, translucent tones, where nothing and nobody heard anything, an echo crackled in the distance, the portal left behind had been crossed with Barderian and the others that perceive it. 

A silence where the wind of the fiery fire was extinguished was the only certain thing, but the uncertainty of being steam was still present in the mind of Ingerin Barderian, who refused to lose identity still lifeless, despite death itself.

Then the inconceivable happened, a fabulous fire approaches without being heard, without crackle and flames, a bolide of soft tones moves towards what remains of Barderian; he feels imprisoned in a kind of veil that contains him and he cannot avoid the proximity of that diffuse presence that he perceives without seeing it.

Perhaps the others who accompany the scattered remains of what is no longer Barderian}, feel the same but no one can know it between them; then they are impacted by the force of that mass that surrounds them without invading them, without attacking them and a thunderous noise screams without a voice, but penetrating every fiber of their weightless fluid:

«Barderian, our task together is just beginning, prepare cause that this will not be easy“

For all those who have followed the story, they know perfectly who it is and the work they will do together for the defense of the world where hope lives.

Some battles occur in the most resounding of silences of which we will never know and sometimes everything depends on them.

Photo of the Cave Nebula

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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