A different horizon orders chaos

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

It is important to remember the constant transformations of the sorceress Sol, to understand that his path to the stars had happened many centuries ago, possibly this happens to the consciences that are rooted in collective thought, they are cohesive by the gravitational action of all those who think them and this, of course, is not science, only the magic of my imagination.

However, no one can be oblivious to the fact that our thoughts make others around us react, we can influence people with what we express, this is science and if it were possible to enhance it from a distance, well nobody knows. That is what dreams are made of when we project an idea and can over time make it concrete, in some way similar to what we had in mind.

Precisely those who left but were never forgotten, will live together forever in a fascinating dynamic and creating resonance.

Barderian and the sorceress Sun had put in their minds a goal under a simple statement: Preserve what matters and interest others in that awareness; Every philosopher, scientist, thinker, mystic, intellectual, writer, the social protestor is governed by very similar rules; we know by collective criteria that their ideals do not die, they also transform the people around them, their creations help society advance.

Also exist the fanatics,  who use their doctrines and teachings to attract followers and modify certain philosophies at their convenience, then, someone breaks the mold, criticizes, reflects, questions dynamize the chaos from which it will emerge with the passage of the centuries a different path.

They are those who make the wheel turns in the world upside down to discard the tinsel and every decorative subterfuge, remain perennial, eternal, united to a collective memory that regroups and sustains them even beyond their existence.

Precisely those who left but were never forgotten, will live together forever in a fascinating dynamic and creating a resonance.; Each people of the world will give them a name and value them in their own beliefs, but it is good to point out that their conscience in that swing that does not allow the emptiness in the immense cosmos does not recognize any more ideology or creed than that of being the unity of consciences to favor of what must be preserved; It seems impossible to me to imagine heaven for atheists and another for Catholics, one more apart for Muslims … I cannot conceive of something like that; I definitely cannot believe it when I think that we are all made of the same substance and in the end, there is no dress, no lavish palaces and no banquets, in a place that leaves the material of the world of the living.

We are approaching the epilogue

Once the Eggyans wore their credentials that validated them as residents on Earth, most research centers and space agencies wanted them in their facilities, their important knowledge of the cosmos, the innovations they had achieved to undertake the journey, they were placed in a privileged place to give classes and conferences.

Their forced androgyny that helped them endure the impressive journey was reversed over time, many of them fell in love again and life allowed them that the mixture between humans and Eggyans will enhance the genetics of living beings on our planet and the other spaces inhabited by intelligent beings of the cosmos.

The birth of Professor Zila and Citlali’s daughter was an event, of course, they named her Alnitak, about the flame nebula, her birthday was also received by an earth tremor in the Mexican capital, as a reminder of the day. that was conceived.

In his adolescence he sat at his father’s desk and said with total seriousness:

<Father, I do not agree that the ascended masters and mystical leaders retain that name, I think they are much more than that, let’s undertake a work To modify that idea, revolutionizing the established gives us evolutionary strength and is the best way to exclaim Let’s do magic! >

The world of the future is something that we build in the present and if we can make its structures help us to continue towards the stars, we can revolutionize the established and be better versions of what we are now.

Gif «The revolutionary chaos»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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