Response to the letter of an avid blog reader

Dear reader friend: in relation to the confusions that have awoken in your follow-up to reading on this blog, I will tell you some details and clues that may clear up your bewilderments:

I feel that you are in the biggest maze because to read a blog properly and taking a count that was a longer work; maybe the only one crazy to do that, is me.

You need to go to the first post, and this is the most older on that, later you can read one per one in the same timeline the oldest, the older and the less old, and then discover the new one, with the current date, so close to the present date in the calendar.

The other trouble that you have, maybe you can understand if you are reading the preface, by the way, the last posted date May 15; talking about the real sequence of the whole history. I need to say the worst scenario that you have … Please sit down and breathe slowly…

I need to translate the first book called Crystal Galaxy, and later the second book, which apparently doesn’t have any relationship with the other one, I send to you the preface copy for your knowledge, because it is not published yet in the English blog. Also, I need to send to you the draft of the Spell of bird, because it is the only work in your language that I have at the moment. I hope you can read it properly.

The fact is for me is easier to write like a book, not like a screenplay, but is a good alternative to you if you want to understand the sequence; I like the idea to publish the future a book with the screenplay, but is to remember all the work, maybe I need an employed on that, but I do not like invest any money if I do not have the certain to obtain on this some profit.

By reason of security only into your letter I can share the screeenplay draft, here the page not allow it

Thanks for your comments because Asgardia is only a subterfuge to create a different path in my book about history, is a dream very rare that I figure to change the history, the real one, just in the mind of the people that live with the same ideas to repeat the crudest history. I am a dreamer, maybe only a dreamer.

Maybe you can realize it with the preface, doest exist a Queen as an Asgardian, the characters are sorceress, they are free spirits. And the only kiss that the pioneer Barderian misses in despair is not from an Asgardian but from a scientist, his beloved Raudek Vilop, born in Eggya.

As a resident of Asgardia, I will like to imagine a different world, the fact is not possible, the life is rude, violent, dramatic; but my novel is fiction with lovely dreams of unity into humanity.

If I had in my hands a tale for Asgardian kids, maybe this will be the real alternative that I would like to read to them.

I will wait for your next letter my dear friend

PS.: As is usual with the protection of your privacy, I like the idea to put this letter in my blog, you are the most avid reader that I have, and I feel so great about this

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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