The Loose Leaves ( the second gaze)

Mantis and her discovery of a symbol

By Ariadne Gallardo

The second look at the work in publication can help to understand the idea, I have thought that there are writers who in each work see its consummation, in my case writing is a path. Well go foward, readers!

The signal has been sent to her by the sorceress Sun and that it refers to the rune Ehwaz, the journey through a wild road, that path that she tries to let her know through intuition.

When Mantis the magician from ancient Greece discovers a symbol she identifies it with the Moon, in reality, it is not clear in her perception the signal has been sent to her by the sorceress Sun and that it refers to the rune Ehwaz, the journey through a wild road, that path that she tries to let her know through intuition. where there are various questions, including the search for a place to rest from a bad trip.

Ehwaz, this is the rune

The alternation of roles in an apparent antagonistic pair, the search for unity, the attachment to the clan, all this arises in Sol’s mind and he wants to involve Mantis, without knowing her and wishing that his meeting with his sisters would be productive and encouraging.

There is a clear relationship with the divine twins and that is what Futhark refers to, in the rune magic manual, op cit page 94, to which the book by Argentine Pablo Runa refers to explain the relationships and symbolisms of this rune.

Curiously that happens with the entry of Mars into Gemini precisely in March and Geminis are the twins and the sorceress Sun, an obvious matter. That part of the story is reflected in this space and under that influence if the data were of interest to them.

We can always find something more than what we saw the first time and it is part of the life of each one of us, it is the path that we travel and that teaches us to be attentive to signs and symbols.

Photographs by the author.

The forcefulness of Ana Pérez Riv

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The review will find fundamental and valuable passages I want to share every word was spoken by Ana, as Mexican and beyond that, as a human being, she urges us to meditate that two antagonistic forces had to come together to defend themselves, it is part of a legend of my roots but it is valid for anyone who finds his strength in duality. Let’s read the paragraph:

<What has the use of crossing cultural and mystical bridges, when many times the only thing we have achieved is to separate ourselves from others? We have advanced, we are no longer seen as rarities of nature but the power that precedes us has marked us, me with loneliness because of Tezcatlipoca and its dark energy surrounding my natural momentum, to others giving and sharing its magic in different areas and fighting to be understood by those who do not empathize with their gifts.

The time has come again to make that vital crossing, from light to shadows; As an incarnation of change in the midst of all conflict I have to invoke your strength, the moment the jaguar shows its claws, I will know that we achieved it. the fifth sun was only possible thanks to the unity of two antagonistic forces; I trust them and I will debate with them through the others who will be present.

Ana’s staff urges unity

We are not unique, we are the unity of Ometéolt and its resonance in other spaces with its own beliefs. Not all of us are from a cultural root, but those of us who will be in your presence know that in the fight we have to trust your acceptance, where there is life, death exists and is a constant presence, without it you do not exist and neither do I exist.

Author’s drawing: «The magic of Ana Pérez Riv in the presence of the smoking mirror of Tezcatlipoca» free filter from PicsArt has been used

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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